The revenge of the fuck machine

Picture – dentist chair now with fuck machine attachment

The original fuck machine : click the picture:-

Fuck machine

After this girl asked for an increase in power, the original fucking machine was too powerful to be used unless she was literally strapped down tightly to the floor. It was just too aggressive to use any other way.

But now there is something new!

He has made a new fucking machine and has made this an attachment to the chair, rather than having it as an independent item.

The chair can be used with or without the fuck machine attachment, so its optional but when it is in place because it is part of the chair it is much more stable and more aesthetic as well. This girl really does feel part of his creation.

Of course with Grimly, it’s not usual for only one thing to be happening.

Because its part of the chair it also becomes part of the entire bondage experience and adds to the feelings of vulnerability, torment and sexual helplessness.

Also, given that its compatible with the new video mask this girl can watch herself being fucked to one of the three settings of slow, fast and OH MY GOD lol.

The whole experience is strange because imagine being pretty much forced to watch images of your cunt being invaded robotically especially if its at the same time as other parts of your body being electrocuted as well, like in the picture here. This girl feels herself torn between wanting to look and being drawn to the centre of what is happening in the picture and between wanting to close her eyes and pretend it’s not her its happening to..but that’s just not possible. It is real.

You might be able to guess how intense it was by how tightly this girl’s fingers are gripping the edges of the seat šŸ™‚ Now nothing wrong with a sexual experience being a white knuckle ride now is there?

and here it is …..The new Fuck Machine, pictured with the video mask and mini nipple elecro suction cups, and a couple of powerful vibrators for added effect ……

The fuck machine mark 2

6 thoughts on “The revenge of the fuck machine

  1. great invention, great inventor and great experiment’s object

  2. “”Now nothing wrong with a sexual experience being a white knuckle ride now is there?””

    Absolutely Not šŸ™‚ love this post!

  3. this is the kind of play my husband I and I enjoy the most, our playroom is located in a detatched garage, so after trussing hubby up in similar fashion, I am free to enjoy lovers in my own bed, while he sees visions of my activities in the video goggles, the inflatable reciprocating buttplug and mouth gag have remote controls so I can control them right from my bed, sometimes I will pump his asshole so fast as a lover is sliding inside of me, it always makes for a fun cooling down period

  4. I’ve thought about this…how I would feel being tortured whilst watching him play with someone else…not sure whether I would love it or hate it! Will let you know if it happens! It would be play only though, not sex in our case. TG xx

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