The thoughts behind saying…’Yes Master’

from an earlier post – What it means to call him Master

This girl thinks that calling someone Master is admitting that you belong to that person, that they own you and control you and that being theirs makes you feel happy, good about yourself and very special.

The above was something this girl wrote some time ago. But her opinion on this has not changed and ownership and enslavement have for a long time been key parts of the D/s part of her relationship with Grimly.

Honorifics do not play such a huge part in the relationship though. It’s not ‘yes master’ ‘no master’ every three seconds. Communication is still relatively normal unless the situation demands otherwise.

This girl is most likely to use his title when she is feeling at her most submissive, her most vulnerable, her most orgasmic. It seems more important and more special that way, rather than to over-use it to death after every sentence.

Sometimes though…he might want her to say it when she’s not particularly in those situations. He might want what he is doing to her to be acknowledged in a certain way, and during last weekend he encouraged that. Sometimes her saying ‘yes Master’ is the response he wants to a question or an instruction.

If this girl doesn’t say that immediately, then he has ways of encouraging her to acknowledge him as he wishes.

Bondage. Pain. Torment. Frustration.

Sometimes all the lot!

This girl IS submissive, she IS his slave, but sometimes its fun being reminded and being encouraged to give verbal confirmation of it, because he will get her to do it either willingly or by other methods.

When this girl says ‘yes master’ she is saying ‘yes..because you know me, you know how my body and mind work, you know how to control me and you know I cant escape that’


then again, sometimes, at the same time in the same thought, she is hating that control, feeling defiant against his deviousness, feeling beaten, humiliated even and feeling as though she is being forced to admit her darkest fantasies and feeling controlled, tortured and aroused simultaneously.

She just still futilely struggles to admit that she is submissive to him at times. She has the deluded theory in her head that she can ‘win’ but…if she really really truly thought it was possible…the whole thing would not work.

Because although she pretends to hate it…those conquered, enslaved feelings can be very powerful and very erotic and acknowledging his control will often lead to his confirmation of how he sees her…as his slave, and he knows that every time he says that she will have a mindblowing orgasm because she has been conditioned that way, and slowly, over time, that conditioning is getting deeper and harder to deny.

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