Compulsory viewing

Picture – video mask and electro – torture

In the previous blog this girl wrote about how after installing a cctv camera in the playroom Grimly has been able to watch what is happening to her from downstairs…..

But…this is much BETTER or worse…or more of a mind fuck…depending on your viewpoint!

He has made a mask with built in video – goggles. Video goggles are used by people into gaming to be able to play the game as if they are in it. Those virtual reality games and all the like that make you feel as though you’re in the game.Though of course in most of those video games you don’t feel pain, you don’t feel pleasure, you don’t orgasm and you certainly don’t experience a total head fuck, unless you know something about gaming this girl doesn’t.

This is not a game.This is about being forced to watch your own torture as if you were at the other side of the room because Grimly’s video mask is built into a breathing mask and connected to a video camera….pointed at the victim :


So she can see what he chooses for her to see just by him manipulating what is in the camcorder viewfinder. He can let her see the whole picture or a close up. He can quite easily focus on whatever part of her body he wants to torture.

Though…it might be that he chooses for there to be so much going on that focussing on one particular thing will confuse the hell out of her!

To begin with, there is bondage. She is strapped into the dentist chair so tightly that she cannot move because she is strapped down by her hands,feet,waist,chest and head as even the mask itself has bondage capabilities. He also has control of her breathing too via the hose connected to the mask.


So, this girl doesn’t really have a lot of choice than to endure WHATEVER it is he wants to do to her.

So it begins.

He has remade the breast torture cups so they are now a shiny silver. Made from bowls from that brilliant swedish pervertable shop – IKEA. Don’t ask this girl how he managed to work out how to put electrical contacts and suction into them..she doesn’t have a clue, she is not the engineer just the victim. Sometimes it is good for her not to know what is behind the magic, it sort of spoils the trick. Maybe he will provide a more technical explanatio himself at a later date for those interested in that.

The clear plastic tube is connected to a vaccum pump which sucks the air pulling her nipples onto the contacts within the cups so that the electrodes have the best possible contact imaginable, or indeed worst because it is quite painful!

As well as that, he also inserted electrodes into her ass and cunt and then connected all the electrical devices to the ET312.

After that, there’s not really too much he needs to do apart from push a few buttons,monitor her situtation and enjoy himself.

This girl however is focussed entirely on her predicament. It is really hard to explain how bizarre it is to see things happening to her body with no mirrors or anything like that to create the illusion, because the mask feels as though the images are being broadcast right into her head.

It is TOTAL control of near enough every part of her body and yes, this girl has to admit it is so scary and frightening to observe someone exercising that much control over what is happening to you and yet so so erotic.

And not only that…sometimes he’s in the shot too. So she can see his expression, his evil smile and can try and work out whether he looks to be considering increasing the power or letting her orgasm, or both, or even loads of other things. The whole experience was pretty mindblowing for this girl.

It really is complete control of her mind and body. This picture below is how it looked to her as she watched her body being tortured by an evil madman!


8 thoughts on “Compulsory viewing

  1. As a variation with the video camera it might be interesting to have it mounted on his shoulder
    that way she would have a 1st person view, almost as if she was torturing herself

  2. maybe in the future though at the moment the camcorder we have is rather old and rather big and would leave him like Quasimodo if he was to lug that around whilst playing with me lol.

    good idea though! Maybe when we upgrade it.

  3. One thought I had from this rather lovely setup is using a delay on the video feed, maybe even the ability to loop an intense moment in her eyes. Repeating the visual numerous times.

  4. Thanks for your comment 🙂

    He has already thought of that…or of playing video from a previous (similar but not identical) session to confuse me, though not tried it …..yet


  5. As an engineer, I am truly in awe of Grimly’s creativity and engineering skills.

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