Networking and being popular

This girl isnt one for networking and the fakeness that goes along with the type of conversation of ‘oh X yes i know X!..’ which really means ‘i said hello to them once’.

The bebo networking craze has hit this girl’s workplace. Out of curiosity she googled some of the people that she reckoned would have profiles…oh my …boring, boring, mundane…all about going out and getting drunk and going on boozy holidays.


This is the problem when you work in a place where the average age is 22 or thereabouts…

It’s sometimes interesting to wonder what these people do in their private lives……do they ever think the same of this girl? Hmm..probably not.

This girl is the type to keep a low profile – the mild mannered, quiet and unassuming, your average Clark Kent type complete with secret identity. Her work probably think she is dull and boring..if only they knew…but its as well they don’t.

This girl doesn’t have any plans to ‘come out’. Anyone who is interested can find this girl’s little place on the net quite easily…there is absolutely no point pushing it in the faces of people who wouldn’t understand or appreciate what it is that makes this girl’s life fun.

So no…she doesnt want to link to these people on the internet….imagine their reaction if they suddenly had one of this girl’s more extreme BDSM pictures in their network list!

Half of these networking sites probably just exist for people to get off on assumed popularity from people that they hardly know. What’s the point?

Ok…it’s nice to feel popular. This girl is one of the first to admit an addiction for looking at the stats creeping up…though it’s as much out of an interest to see where people have come from, what they’re looking for…and yes…this girl is yet another blogger who sometimes attracts readers keying in extremely weird search terms!

Though… it’s never going to make this girl world famous.

That’s not the point of the blog…it’s to share ideas, to record things and to communicate experiences and sure admittedly sometimes its to brag a bit about how lucky and in love she is.This girl doesnt go out of her way to be in with the ‘in crowd’ or write the same stuff everyone else writes just to look good….she writes what she wants to write when it’s in her mind or when something somewhere gives inspiration or thoughts. If people look and read and like it…that’s great…but..given it’s based on subjective experiences…they arent always going to agree…

and hell…knowing that people are different and aren’t going to agree like sheep makes BDSM diverse and fun!

This girl doesnt want to be the same as everyone else to get accepted in any aspect of her life. She’s quite happy to be who she is!

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