Sexual preferences & orientation

This girl’s sexual preferences have varied somewhat over the years.

Like most people for ages she didn’t know any better than to act in a ‘normal’ straight and monogomous way. However, those fantasies of bdsm were there in the background for a long time before she acted on them…and yes…sometimes they involved females too.  So, when this girl started to explore her sexuality and her fantasies…she wanted to explore most of them.


Her ex openly encouraged her to think about play with girls. She didnt NEED to be encouraged! Ok…like most Doms who encourage their girls to be ‘bi-sexual’ he had his own motives for encouraging it. Sometimes looking back it seems like his whole attitude to D/s was ‘i have a slave what can i make it do’.

Well…anyway..she didnt protest to the playing with girls bit. This girl does not totally  understand submissives who allow themselves to be forced/persuaded into homosexuality/bisexuality. The interest is either there or it is not. If this girl had not had the interest there she would not have gone along with it. There is such a thing as pushing limits and boundaries, but if something is just not for you…that should really be respected. Ok maybe there is some sort of satisfaction and thrill in being ‘made to do something for your Dom’ and this girl would never deny that, but being forced to play with someone you really deep down dont’ want to? Is it really that great?

This girl was once approached by a Dom who wanted her to play with his submissive whilst he ‘watched’ , the other girl wasnt bi at all…it was just a mind trip of his…and this girl just could not get involved with that. If she is playing with another woman it needs to be because the other girl wants it…not because her boyfriend does, the whole thing made this girl feel like a performer and a commodity and it was just wrong and she would not have got anything out of it.

For a while this girl identified as a ‘bi switch’ and it is completely genuine to be this way, but really for this girl it was just a label that said ‘i havent found what is completely right for me’ or rather ‘i havent find WHO is right for me’, and as it goes, the person that was right for this girl could have ended up being male or female, Dom or sub as she’s attracted to people as who they are rather than what they are or what box they fit into. Though saying that she’s an old fashioned girl in that she likes having a man about!

Since she’s been with Grimly she’s not needed anyone else. She’s not needed any ‘extra’s’ or any one else to play with – and that’s because he meets her needs and deserves her fidelity. She doesnt really have the cravings to look for other people to play with since she’s been with him…he keeps her mind and body too occupied!

Maybe this is not a common submissive attitude…but this girl feels its wrong for a Dom to want to involve other people – other submissives – and/or other Dominants. Its like saying you’re not enough for me. 

Her ex said that if you truly owned something you could give it away to someone else i.e whore your submissive out, go swinging…those kind of activities. A quote perhaps, straight from Story of O??

This girl disagrees with that…if you truly own someone then you cherish them, you make them feel special and you possess their mind and spirit and you DON’T want other people invading that. It makes it cheap.

So…for this girl…Grimly is enough…and she is enough for him and that works.

So, those bisexual feelings are pretty dormant for now…but..this girl isn’t caring …she has everything she wants and part of that is the feeling of being who he focuses all of his devious desires and fantasies on.

2 thoughts on “Sexual preferences & orientation

  1. I know what you’re talking about. A friend of mine says it is usually submissives who want to be monogamous. I don’t know it it is true but it seemed logical that if someone is topping you, more than likely if it is satisfactory or hopefully more than that, you won’t be thinking about anyone else. That’s how I felt in my last relationship. Whether or not you can make a broad generalization about that is up in the air.

  2. I’m not generalizing i’m just saying what’s for me…and him. I just feel what we have is special and we have what we want …we dont need to involve anyone else. For some of course it works, though I tried it….and i just felt with my ex that he was more interested in playing with others than he was with developing things with me…I guess i just like to be the centre of attention! xx

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