Bra of torture?

Picture – electro vac torture bra & video mask

Following on from the previous post……Germaine Greer once stated that bras were a ‘ridiculous invention’ and her contemporaries in the 1960s are remembered for creating a “Freedom Trash Can” and filling it with their bras, high-heeled shoes, makeup, corsets, magazines, and other items thought to be “instruments of torture” and items that enforced femininity. It was not, apparently, set on fire, though the bra burning imagery is something we associate with feminism.

Sure..sometimes its nice to go without a bra, but for most women, including this girl, its not really practical for day to day business! If this girl had lived 80-90 years ago,she would have supported the suffragettes and the actions women have taken over the ages to encourage equal rights and firmly believes that men and women should have equal rights. That’s equal rights…not MORE rights…

However…given her choices she’s made there is one man she doesn’t want to have equal rights with! She’ll get the rights he gives her…and that’s it, and this girl is quite happy to wear whatever undergarments and clothes and makeup to look pleasing for him and let’s face it, your average bra is not really an instrument of torture…it’s there to give support, to give form…to aid to that feeling when you sometimes look in the mirror and think ‘damn today i look sexy’!

If you really want to have the image of a bra being an instrument of torture…here you go :-

electro-vac bra

This bra has been explicitly designed to be a torture device and a bondage accessory to his deviously modified ‘dentist chair’.

The mask she is wearing is another story all of its own.

The bra cups were once ball cocks (yes as in plumbing supplies) and with a little cunning have been fitted with electrical contacts (conveniently lined up with the nipples)and vacuum suction.

So, on operation of the vacuum suction device the nipples are sucked onto the contacts.

This girl wrote a while ago about how the vacuum machine was applied via this to her clit and how the pressure makes it feel as though crucial parts of her are being ripped from her body….well this is much the same…..only as well as that…she is electrocuted at the same time.

It is a very intense feeling, especially for someone who is ‘not too keen’ on nipple torture. Observe how this girl suffers just for him to be able to showcase his sadist genius! Ok…so it is not so much of a hardship when there is a big orgasm at the end of it…but still…it fucking hurts!

So please…if you are a girl…next time you put on a bra…just think


For more pictures of the dentist chair in action, click on the picture below which takes you to Grimly’s flickr set…you need to be signed into flickr (works with a yahoo id) and allow adult content.


5 thoughts on “Bra of torture?

  1. A fantastic set of pictures when you press that link. Bra certainly looks, and sounds amazing

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