Corsetry & Lingerie

Corsetry is something this girl has liked for some time.

A velvet corset was one of the first items of ‘fetish clothing’ she bought and what she wore the first time she ever went to a fetish club and has now several in various materials and colours – leather, satin,denim and latex.

This girl has to admit she is really more into the physical play aspects of BDSM and the mental enjoyment of D/s than fetish dressing and so , despite having quite a lot of outfits quite often ends up playing in similar outfits (or for access reasons – nothing 😉 )

But corsets are great. They make you feel sexy, they make you feel womanly and remind you that what you are wearing is in part governed by being pleasing to the eye to your Dominant. So she should probably wear them more often, and try and get down another size eventually. She wouldnt want a waist as skinny as Cathie Jung’s mind you! Though good on to her achieve this, this girl has a great deal of respect for anyone that has the patience to stick to a regime they give themselves – Cathie is down to a waist size of 15″ this girl would be happy at 24″! –

Cathie Jung

Her Master likes vintage lingerie too, bullet bras, suspenders, girdles…and its a look this girl is steadily trying to achieve. Eventually she would love him to see her as his ‘pin up girl’ as well as his ‘tie up girl’!

For lovers of corsetry and vintage lingerie this girl found this website, which shows this, and other images of vintage lingerie and corsetry shops. It’s quite an interesting article.

Sometimes…this girl wonders if her Dom’s view towards women are in some ways outdated by his desire for his girl to be in bondage constantly…even by her lingerie..but then…he has his charms….and …given the new ‘electro vac torture bra’* he’s made it makes wearing vintage lingerie not so bad.


* details to follow in this girl’s next blog

2 thoughts on “Corsetry & Lingerie

  1. Hi Thisgirl! I was thinking after reading most of your posts over the years that a corset training regime might be good for you seeing as how you have expressed the desire to lose weight (not that you need to imho) – theye do make you eat less at mealtimes……..;)

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