Picture – flexibility

This girl doesn’t have really that many set training targets or programs.

It is quite common in BDSM for Doms to set goals and targets for their submissives but Grimly doesnt really do that to this girl or not in any regimented informed sense.  Though thats not to say he is slowly doing things to gently adapt her to his requirements and needs for her as his submissive which are for her enjoyment as well.

Things like the dress code he has put in place. She does it because its what he wants but it makes her feel good too because she knows it is pleasing him and also because she is receiving compliments and admiration from other people as well.

He hasn’t given her any sort of exercise or diet regime, but she is trying to start one so that she can look good for him. There is sometimes a sort of crossover between what is done and what happens as a result of direct submission and what is just really out of a need to want to make him happy.

In a more BDSM and D/s sense things just happen and develop.This girl and Grimly have found that trying to stick to something regimented and micro-managed does not work for them and would spoil the spontaneity.

The way it works for this girl is because she has the idea in her head that he can do what he wants to her as and when and she doesn’t normally know what structure that will take. The suprise element sort of works though at the same time she protests to hate it!

Grimly has sort of slowly modified play to match her abilities and tolerance to things and pushes that along at a pace that is not unrealistic or over-demanding – and that works.

With her ex, this girl did have a few tasks that he wanted her to specifically perform on a regular basis. Well two. Oral and anal training. But thats really ALL there was for a long time…so it bored the hell out of her and became a chore.

This girl doesn’t WANT to have an hour of sucking cock a day with a dildo shoved up her ass or whatever. Sure everytime she gives him a blowjob she wants him to enjoy it and be pleased by it and maybe eventually she will get to the point where he actually gives in and comes sometime but its not a performance target! Sure it will be an achievement if it ever happens..but thats more because he’s not the type of Dom who requires it and likes to be more participant and my God this girl is not going to complain about that! Who would complain about having a Man who has a greater need to meet his dominant and sadistic urges mentally than by shooting sticky stuff everywhere??

As for anal, part of the fun of that is all those thoughts behind it of ‘can i take what he is going to do’ ‘will it hurt’and so on. It sort of spoils that fantasy of rough use and just being taken no matter what if you know it will just slip in. Plus…after seeing a gay Dom’s playroom recently…there is NO amount of anal training that you can do to prepare you for half of the things available!

Grimly knows what his girl is capable of and what he can push and thats how it works for the most part and this girl wants to feel that her body and mind can adapt as he wants at the rate he wants.

If there was anything that she could be trained on to improve her physical abilities it would be flexibility. You see these pictures on the likes of Insex and its descendants where girls are in extreme positions and this girl wishes she could do more of that type of play for him, but then, slowly he does seem to be testing her body more, putting her in positions that maybe last year she wouldnt have been able to do, but because he hasnt said ‘today we’ll do this, and tomorrow we’ll do that’ she hasnt really noticed it so much.

Take the picture for instance, yes, her arms hurt, but she was able to sustain it for several minutes when a while ago she wouldnt have been able to do that at all.

The reason why BDSM works with this girl and Grimly is that she is able to trust him to not break her but help modify and adapt her to new things and she is open to that. She is prepared to try new things and not shy away from them. Ok , in the past there have been things that have not appealed…like gas masks..but he has slowly put them into play and they have turned into one of the things she likes best.

BDSM seems to mature at its best when you can be flexible and open to what the other person wants to try in whatever form that takes, and sure, what works for one couple is not going to work for another but as long as you understand your own partner’s needs and desires you’ve got a good start.

So…whilst one Dom may require a girl to be available for his use 24/7, this girl has a Dom who needs to torture her body and fuck with her mind for him to showcase his imagination, engineering skill and devious nature.

This girl sometimes wonders if she is ‘odd’ in that her Dom’s requirements and needs are quite often different to your ‘average Dom’, but then, she’s not your average submissive either. She wants to be ‘available’ to everything he wants to try…not just things that relate to his cock.

Though saying that…it is a rather nice one 😉


2 thoughts on “Flexibility

  1. Love the recent pics….*drip* *drip*….. groan!

    Mmmmm very very nice hon! Thank you for sharing.


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