His annual review

So it is the time of year for Annual reviews, pay rises (or not) and feedback.

This girl has written a sort of chronological or ‘what happened when’ review already for 2007- here.

So this post isnt about what happened its about what really matters and about the person that gives this girl anything to write about. Yes…it is time for Grimly’s annual appraisal.

This girl already had her normal work review last week. It went as well as expected. This girl ‘i do my job. i do it well’ Boss ‘yes i know that. you dont want to be here much longer do you? ‘This girl ‘no my aims lie elsewhere and whllst i will continue to do what i do to the best of my ability..i plan to follow my heart’. Boss ‘not really much I can say then is there?’. This girl..’er no!’

So that was basically it, because of how things are progressing with Grimly she cannot live apart from him too much longer and a lot of that has been because of how great this last year has been.

This girl knows he has his own annual review probably this week at work, and he is not expecting to get the level of feedback or appreciation he deserves for what he does. Thats employers for you though – they are quick enough to give criticism, but slow to give praise. They expect a salary to be enough reward for your efforts.

Well a submissive – this submissive – gives feedback differently.

It wasnt always easy for her to give feedback. Shyness, difficulty expressing things and in some cases…out and out shell shock…but she does try and give him suggestions and feedback on how things are and really this blog gives him probably a good whack of that and in an insight into how his girl ticks…though…he has pretty much mastered that without needing to read it here.

So…his review

What Grimly does amazes this girl. She continues to ponder about why he chooses to be with her when he is really pretty unique and special and could have any submissive that he wanted. Though…the thing with that is…most of them would be scared! What he does is world class, he is one of few people who are able to build things from their own imagination and use that to make the fantasies come true of the girl he loves. There’s that unconventional romance, it makes sausage and chips at a roadside cafe on valentines day worthwhile lol.

He has managed to make a girl who has most of her life felt like ‘no one special’ feel like a princess and feel protected and safe despite the bizarre, unusual and downright odd things he does to her body. He cannot be criticised for any lack of imagination or be accused of being anything less than a lot of fun and a loving dominant.

So…on the downside…he hasnt yet managed to tame the brat. Maybe he is lulling this girl into a false sense of security, luring her to move in with him…knowing that once she has her life will change forever? Well he does say old age and treachery will overcome :p

Mostly though he is slowly modifying her. Making her feel like a different person. More confident, more relaxed and healthier and prettier. That is quite an achievement.

BDSM wise things keep progressing, play gets possibly slightly more bizarre and dream like than anything in reality..but…sanity..an overated experience. Maybe the latex straight jacket will work and another dose of electro shock therapy.

What Grimly does with this girl is after all rather mad and a bit out there. He’s not your average Dom, she’s not your average submissive either. Some mould somewhere was probably broken, stuck together with superglue in someone’s garden shed to create this man, because…his parents…they are so normal it just doesnt all add up!

Grimly has sometimes asked this girl ‘what will happen if i run out of ideas’. He won’t. There are always ideas for things out there if you know where to look and have someone that inspires you. Grimly inspires this girl. Really he is every inspiration behind what you read here. Ok . mush. sorry – but without him this girl would be some bored subby living in a relationship headed up as D/s but without any fantasy or imagination behind it and slowly getting bored and wondering whether what she dreamed of existed He’s more likely to run out of space than ideas, given his creativity and outside influences.

This girl wants to encourage his imagination and creativity and give him support.

As for giving him an annual pay rise? Hmmm

That is a harder matter to address.

Perhaps he will settle for a live in slave and torture toy, best friend and lover..instead of pecuniary benefit – because really…if she was to pay him the going rate for his dominant and sadist efforts and for his toys, his time, her pain and pleasure and her orgasms…she would be bloody bankrupt!

2 thoughts on “His annual review

  1. I wish you and Grimly the best of everything you want for the next year.

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