Slave collar

Picture -home made steel slave collar

Grimly made this girl a new collar this week pictured here. Its made of steel, it began life (as do so many of his steel creations) as a strip of steel from the local DIY store and then he has welded it into shape and added an allan key style locking mechanism and attachment points :-

Steel slave collar

The collar is really quite heavy given the metal it is made of and also is very closely fitted. Its one of the handy things of having a Dom that can make these things…everything fits properly and completely inescapable.

This girl has written several posts about collars and their significance to her. They are an important symbol of the relationship she has with her Master, and of ownership.

Sometimes circumstances mean that a collar has to be understated – like the eternity collar which is worn as a reminder of the relationship and his control but disguised to the un-kinked as ‘jewellery’ and the eternity collar has much become part of this girl…she feels totally lost and naked when she does not have it…unless of course her Master has put a different one in its place.

But sometimes, like this new collar, obvious bondage and ownership is nice, there’s no disguising it for anything other than what it is, and reminds this girl in a very obvious manner of her status by its feel against her neck.

It feels authentic. It feels like something that should be worn by a slave, it doesnt feel like just an item of fetish wear. This girl loves her leather one too of course, it being the first one he made for her but there is something about the metal that feels good…just that feel of control and ownership being so evident and it being undeniable that this girl belongs to her devious man.

6 thoughts on “Slave collar

  1. Took a little while, but the steel shackles/stocks like this are starting to interest me too. The total absence of any chance of escape.

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