Falling in love?

From luna’s thursday question :- If you are in a relationship, how did you fall in ?

soppy blog sorry!

This girl met Grimly because he was sadistic,dominant,creative and most of all interesting. She was *looking* for someone kinky basically.

Prior to Grimly, she had two other long-ish relationships. Her first main relationship was really about lust…about exploring sex with the first man who had shown that kind of interest in her..and…as a result..of it really only being based on lust…it ran out of steam, he wasnt kinky enough really at the end of the day and more importantly not the right kind of man for her either.

The second major relationship this girl had started of as an online D/s relationship, and she felt she was in love with him before she met him. Big mistake. How someone portrays themselves on line is not often how reality always is. Well…she learned her lesson there.

It takes time and getting to know someone to really truly deeply love them.

So with Grimly, she wasnt expecting love. She wasnt looking for it either as at the time she was still with boyfriend #no2.

She was looking for play, for her masochist needs and fantasies to be explored and that is what she found. She never expected she would fall for him, though really how could she not fall for someone who met her fantasies so well?

So from being BDSM play it developed into D/s and a loving relationship. Not only because of the BDSM being good though, but because this girl and Grimly are on the same wave length as each other and have lots in common as people as well.

None of it was planned though it just happened, and for once she knew she loved him for real before having sex which made the whole experience more special and it works because she wants to make him as happy as he makes her. Its not one sided.

Ok this girl may be a slave intent on pleasing her Master, yet, he’s also a Master who wants the best for his girl 🙂

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