Confidence and life improvement

From fetish meme – Submission as Life Improvement

This girl has been thinking about this topic a lot recently and just really thoughts on how things have changed and developed since being with her Master.

Since she has been with him her confidence has grown in that she feels more comfortable with who she is and in it expressing it.

She wouldnt say that she is the type of submissive that relies on her Dom to make her have a certain outlook and adopt certain behaviours in life…no..she doesnt want to be micromanaged or controlled to the Nth degree.

Though support is essential and having someone make you feel good about yourself and making you feel a million dollars when you true value is really a penny 😉 Just really having someone that makes you feel good about yourself…that encourages your sense of humour, your fantasies and protects you.

This girl doesnt need her Master to control her diet or her finances. Just having him behind her as a support is enough to make her able to handle things like that on her own two feet. It makes so much difference eating well and dressing well for someone you know who it will please and make happy than it does for someone who expects and demands it and who will chide you for any failure or any slight mistake. This girl doesnt want to be in a relationship of fear.

Being a slave does not stop her being able to make decisions in her day to day life. Ok so a lot of the times, the thinking behind decisions will be ‘will this make him happy’…but then its just natural to make the man you adore happy regardless of slavery isn’t it?

Through having her fantasies fulfilled this girl is happier all round, and that leads to confidence. There is always something to look forward to, always something to be positive about, which  rolls into other areas of life and makes her want to express the things that make her happy so much more.

For a while this girl didnt have the confidence to post pictures let alone face pictures here, and felt sort of ‘safe’ in relative anonymity. Though, the things she does with Grimly make her want to say look this is who we are and what we do and it works for us and if people dont like it – sod off!  This girl is not scared of who she is or full of any doubt anymore – she is his. Grrrrr!

This girl

Yes he does control her, and really quite a lot and probably in more ways than this girl realises. However, at the same time as that  he does still encourage her to be who she is rather than trying to change her into something she couldn’t.

A lifestyle relationship that encourages your independence and individuality?

Yes, this girl would say she had that. Its hard sometimes to say what things come as a result of direct control, and what is a result of wanting to please him,and what is just as a result of him being in the background giving support…but then…it seems to work. This girl and Grimly are both happy and full of confidence and imagination right now so what develops next may be rather interesting….

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