Language restrictions & Lent

This girl is not particularly religious. Though she had a moderately religious upbringing and a rather methodist education…she got totally sick of colouring in pictures of Noah’s ark…arggh what torture for a seven year old with dreams of adventure and fantasy! So her faith is classed as ‘church of england’ which for most people in this country means ‘ive been Christened because my parents wanted it and i go to church only when its a birth, death or marriage’. Its not to say this girl is some Godless heathen….she just does not have any time for organised religion.

But Lent. 40 days of giving something up, to reflect Jesus being alone and being tempted by the devil. Started yesterday. Though its really difficult to think of something when belong to the epitome of loving evil and being faced with temptation and sin so so much!

So this girl had a few ideas of giving it a go this year. Just to see if she could do that. Go without something for 40 days. Sex..NO. Chocolate…err..NO. Being a brat? Grimly’s answer was 40 days of being good is not enough…

So…this girl settled on giving up swearing.

She’s really bad at that sometimes. She was not brought up in a household that speaks bad language, but has got into the habit as so many people do by being immersed in it socially and at work. Its a hard habit to get out of too because most of the time you dont know that you’re doing it. Should she wash her mouth out with soap?

Well there is an easier get out of the habit…so…if she can stop it for 40 days…by the end of the 40 days she should have got out of the habit and usage of it right?

This is really important to this girl to drop this habit, because its not nice and not the type of girl her Master wants her to be. So…she is going to do her best with this.

Grimly doesn’t restrict how this girl communicates in any other way. This blog started sort of as a private joke and he got to love it so this girl writing in the third person has sort of stuck. She doesnt write like this anywhere else, and he would cringe probably if she started speaking this way in person. Its just for here.

Talking and writing are just things that we do naturally and that we pick up habits and vocabulary over time and its hard sometimes to break those habbits when a pattern develops.

This girl read an interesting post of Luna’s a few days ago…about how her Dom wishes her to speak to other Dominants and their submissives i.e. using titles etc. This girl couldn’t do that. She couldn’t stick to communicating like that socially  though there does of course appear to be lots of places where this is encouraged and really popular and thought of as being highly respectful…but this girl just couldn’t do it herself.  By the same token there are probably people that dont like the way her Master has encouraged her to write…but like all in BDSM and D/s each to their own of course 🙂

The reason why this girl doesnt’ use protocols and titles when addressing people is because its Grimly she has chosen to engage with -he’s her Dom…no one else is…she’s his submissive only…not a submissive to every dom she meets. When she calls him Master its just another way of saying ‘i love you’ and ‘you own me’ ‘i want to obey you, i want you to hurt me’ and that applies to him only.

By the same token..she doesnt like other subbies calling him Sir either. People have in the past..and maybe its this girl’s possessive nature (maybe wrong for a submissive to be possessive but so what!) she feels thats intruding a little on her D/s. Its a dynamic between her and her Master, not with the whole fetish community.

So…she’ll try and stick with this little restriction he’s encouraging with her of improving her language…because…as long as respect and courtesy and manners are shown…thats the most important thing and this girl wants to show her Dom that she can be a lady when he needs her to be! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Language restrictions & Lent

  1. So…this girl settled on giving up swearing.

    Hah hah hah hah hah hahahah heh heh hehehe. Heh.

    Oh, you were serious?

    I’m no help. I’m one of those people who rarely swears, and in fact, has made a conscious effort not to do so for the last 30 years. No small feat being in the manufacturing business, which is predominately male, and machine shops are rather known for the prosaic descriptions of various objects, especially those which are broken.

    But I’m managed to make an impression on my daughter, who chides her mother when she lets loose. I don’t know if the book is still around, but the title is “Four Letter Word Games” and was written back in the 60s or 70s. It might be of interest.

    Best of luck!

  2. Thank you for mentioning me in your blog! My rules are always interesting 😛 It is quite a challenge to call people with titles, however I have taken it in stride as showing that my Master has trained me with respect for people as people. I also work in customer service where sir and ma’am are common when you don’t know how else they wish to be addressed. His preference is however the English way of saying Sir Dominant or Madam Dominant. THAT has been really hard.

  3. Tom, i was semi-serious i guess. Its something though I really need to stop doing. I was once a well mannered quiet girl from England and moving to Scotland has corrupted me all this deviousness i just cant cope with it. .

    I blame the men with the sexy accents and hairy legs. Well…they need to be blamed for something! I’ll look out for the book…..

    I think though this is something I can manage no problem just with thinking about what comes out of my mouth before I say it!

    Luna, I think what you have with your Master is great and insightful to loads of people. I do think how a sub behaves and acts does reflect on their Dominant and if how they act shows they are both happy and that it works then thats fantastic to see. Really we just want them to be proud of us and happy in whatever form that takes.

    I think training is an ongoing thing…well it is with me anyway…i am not sure he knows himself where it is going to end up!

    Thanks for your comments guys

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