The truth about princesses

Picture – a castle in Scotland

This girl has never been one of those submissives that expects her Dom to treat her like a princess. There was a phase of those last year on IC where they proclaimed all subbies to be princesses and all doms to be evil orcs *groan*, well this girl didnt get on the bandwagon of that one.

In fact when she even did suggest it …Grimly kindly reminded her of the late Princess Diana’s reputation for going for the odd enema and that led her to her first ever experience of that.

So she was quite happy after that for him to NOT treat her that way, and yet…he does.

Grimly has always made this girl feel special and loved…and although she belongs to him..he’s always made her feel like his favourite possession not just something that belongs to him that he can pick up when the mood takes him and later cast aside.

Its weird to feel so special and yet be someone’s slave and possession and toy and yet it seems to work quite nicely πŸ™‚

This girl has been trying to make the effort recently to be more feminine outwardly, to look pretty for him and he does seem to happy with the results. Though sometimes she cannot hide the fact that deep down she is a bit of a tomboy with a love of adventure. This girl has never really been the sit around and look pretty type. Take this for instance, taken during some photo messing around with a friend. Trainers!

The truth about princesses

It was very muddy though. The thing with castles…this girl will always remain more interested in their torture chambers and dungeons then their throne rooms and banqueting halls. This Scottish castle doesnt have any of that, it has the backdrop for it but alas just a little knocked about.

This girl has fantasized about being captured and dragged into a dungeon for so many years now, and like every other girl she’s had her fair few handsome prince daydreams…she never thought though that instead of getting the prince she would end up being the pet of the chief torturer…but it works.

Who needs fancy dresses and thrones and crowns and stuff when you can have bondage and loads of excitement,pain,pleasure and sex…hmmm its not much of a contest.

Its really weird that more girls dont have this fantasy when they are growing up and why on earth do they never make Disney films end out this way??? πŸ˜‰

7 thoughts on “The truth about princesses

  1. That picture is BEAUTIFUL…..How romantic. Or sadistic if they know WHERE in the castle you are going…..

  2. Great picture! i completely understand you. i also are more interested in the dungeons and dark corners. My favourite fairy tale is about the little mermaid. But NOT the Disney version. Disney didn’t understand what it’s all about i guess. In the true story she dies for her prince out of love.

    Sweet greet from mo

  3. i once read the complete works of the brothers grimm…a lot of those had torturous ends πŸ˜‰ But then it was as a punishment for the evil witch as opposed to a happy ending for the heroine!

  4. i love that feeling you describe of knowing you are truly OWNED but still feeling put it into words so beautifully!

    i laugh about the dungeon fantasy…i had those from my earliest memories…i didn’t understand why i liked cinderella better when she was locked in the pantry than when she was dancing at the ball!

    It is wonderful to finally not only understand these yearnings, but also know that others share them, too!

    Gorgeous photo!


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