This girl has done a bit of a revamp on her blog to make it a bit fresher


  • A new theme & header
  • The gallery page is now up to date
  • There are links to the blog in other languages (ok…maybe not that useful but a bit of fun…it’s weird looking at it in chinese!)
  • A clip showing blogs from this girl’s google reader so you can see what she’s just been reading..
  • Links to flickr slideshows which take you into this girl & Grimly’s flickr pictures…showing slideshows starting with the most recently uploaded pictures.

Please feel free to leave any feedback

4 thoughts on “Revamp

  1. Like it TG.

    The header certainly catches the attention of anyone who isn’t quite sure what you are about. It’s good to be able to see what you are reading as well. It’s another way of finding about what interests you, sort of another angle of what makes you tick.

    How you manage to come up with things to write about is always beyond me. It must be a hell of a challenge to keep readers attention, and yet you seem to do it effortlessly and with a lot of humour as well.

    Grimly must be giving you good material to work with!


  2. Thanks Richy.

    Yeah picture highlights – pony play,electrics,bondage, latex & weird home made inventions…i guess thats pretty much us. Or the sort of digest version.

    I dont know how I come up with things either…its difficult when i dont see him sometimes to think of things…but then i never wanted a blog that was on the lines of ‘yesterday we did x,y,z’ so i go for a combination of blogs about the play side and the D/s and sometimes stupid things.

    He said yesterday that he was busy in the shed to keep himself occupied to stop missing me..but that by making me things he was thinking about me more so it didnt work. I suppose i’m the same with the blog.

    TG xx

  3. hey, girl…i love the new format!! i told you how much i enjoy the photos so i think the new header is GREAT!


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