A public service announcement

This girl and grimly are NOT a public service basically. Or a pay site. The blog and our pictures are about our BDSM. This is not meant to be a rant and not meant to offend anyone.

This girl’s weblog is about her experiences of BDSM and submission as they happen, as she thinks about them. The photographs she and Grimly post are about what he chooses to do to her and what this girl enjoys.

This isnt a BDSM resource site (there are plenty of great ones) it’s a *personal* blog – and the same with the pictures – they’re about the BDSM activities of two very much in love fetishists.

Grimly & this girl have both had emails/comments on their photographs recently saying ‘i would like to see this picture with a tighter skirt’ or ‘i would like to see this picture with x,y or z’ or ‘how about you do this’….you get the idea.

If they are good ideas, we’ll do them..at some point. But if they are in essence asking for the same photo we’ve already done but tailored to the individual…forget it. BDSM is a personal subjective experience and this girl is not a fetish model she’s not doing this to please an audience or to increase revenue she is doing it to please her Master. She has modelled in the past, and maybe again…and it is great great fun…but its not what her play with Grimly is about. Its for them. No one else. When the scene is more about getting certain shots or posing…subspace vanishes…the BDSM isn’t about the two people enjoying it as much anymore its for the audience not for the Dom and the submissive.

So…Grimly & this girl do their own thing. Sometimes people will like it, sometimes they won’t.

This girl & her dom love getting feedback,ideas and thought out critique. But any new pictures will happen as and when Grimly wants to inflict his sadism on this girl in his own ways.

They’re not performing seals.

Despite the sometimes odd orgasm noises this girl might make 😉

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