Authority, respect and protocol

This girl has written before how she cannot stand dominant people who expect that because of your status as submissive that you should treat them with certain levels of respect and follow certain protocols.(especially online). Respect has to be earnt. Titles have to be earnt too.

This girl will not call someone Sir within five minutes of talking to them for instance. Calling someone Sir or more so, Master, is something really special and should just be reserved for people who deserve or command that title and there should be meaning behind it . You cannot make that judgement or get to that level within the relationship inside five minutes of speaking to someone. Otherwise its just really making a mockery of the D/s relationships that people take time and effort and love to work on and build up. Its like making a game of it. Ok so possibly for some people this is ok, but this girl doesnt agree with calling people Sir left right and centre or other titles instantly. OR behaving in certain ways either.

In fact if she had followed ‘protocols’ when she first started talking to Grimly, given his views on them – he probably wouldnt have been interested in her. Ok so maybe this girl and her Dom are different in some respects as far as D./s goes, but at least they are the same as each other! Also,going back to their first play session…hmm if this girl had behaved herself and followed some sort of guideline of how to play on the first date it wouldnt have worked either. What happened suited both parties and thats the important bit.

A dom has to command authority, he has to build up his submissive’s respect and trust in him over time. Ok so he will have some respect based on reputation (Grimly’s reputation …lets not go there – if this girl had listened to the rumours about it she would have run 10,000 miles lol )

This girl cannot meet a Dom and just suddenly behave towards him in a ‘submissive’ way. Or if she tries to, its just an act, its roleplay. Its not meant, its not heartfelt, its not what being a submissive means to her. So she doesnt follow protocols, she makes her own judgements on how to behave towards people, and for the most part that works.

Ok so in the past she’s made incorrect judgements in some things. Who hasn’t?

There are some situations we are put into where we have to behave in certain ways. We have to follow the rules, we have to respect (or at least outwardly respect) people who have more authority than ourselves. Work for instance. This girl would love to tell her crappy boss what she thinks of her and her business methods…but it isnt going to happen!

When it comes to the fun stuff though, when it comes to our fantasies, we can choose who we respect. Whose authority we listen to. What advice we take. So why follow someone else’s rules?

The fun part of course, is where you realise that the person concerned is the one you want to complete a power exchange with, or initiate a D.s dynamic with or be enslaved by

Then once thats done you do need to follow their rules, and respect them and do things the way they like…even if sometimes it seems difficult. No one ever said there was a good recipe for instant submission.

This girl has difficulties sometimes remembering she wanted this.That She wanted a man in charge of her and that she wanted him to control her body and inflict pain upon it and control her orgasms and all the rest of the trimmings that come with being Grimly’s slave.

Though thinking about it…its always a turn on , so why she sometimes doubts it…who knows because this girl has found the man she respects and the one she wants to obey!

2 thoughts on “Authority, respect and protocol

  1. Love this post. I too am not one to auto answer with a “yes, Sir” to every self-proclaimed dominant. In fact, “Sir” is reserved for my Sir.

    I think respect is a two-way street. No one has the right to treat me as ‘lower’ simply because I’m submissive. I’m not his, her, yours, or the mailman’s submissive. I’m my Dom’s submissive. The one that gets me (especially online) is when someone decides to lowercase me based on my ‘position’ to my Dom. It makes me chuckle to think that I probably make more money and have a higher ‘position’ in my profession than the one who chose to ‘lower’ me.

    That’s not to say that I do not believe in good manners – I do – and expect them to be used when speaking with me also. I go out of my way to be polite and thoughtful.

    Thanks for posting about this.


  2. Thanks for your comments Blush 🙂

    I totally agree good manners are a must…and you know i’m sure when i pestered him to play with me that i said please!

    best wishes


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