long distance orgasms

This girl has written before about orgasm control and about how her master can make her orgasm with just one word whether he is there or not. Some people maybe don’t believe that it is possible for a woman to orgasm from suggestion alone (given that for a great many women orgasming when a man wants them to is difficult at the best of times lol), but it is -it works.

Ok so behind the magic is a bit of hypnosis, a bit of belief and a bit of fantasy and ok admittedly a bit of maybe perhaps wanting to be controlled (that is so hard to admit!)

A lot of BDSM and D/s is about sexual control really because if you are the driving force between someone’s sexual fantasies and desires then you are put in a pretty powerful position. Especially if they cant do it without you – and this girl can’t.

Maybe a lot of it is all in her head, but so what? It helps with coping with the distance, for her to believe he is controlling her body when he’s not there. Its a sort of magic, and that’s probably why a lot of long distance relationships break up because D/s needs control, stimulation and fantasy and its quite hard to keep that going over the miles, but it is possible and it can work if you can get round that irritating detail of distance.

Though of course…there are times when it is really fucking irritating. Like now…

I miss you Master


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