National fetish day?

This is not a party political broadcast!

So apparently today is National fetish day here in the UK headed by the slogan ‘perverts wear purple’.

This girl is wearing purple knickers but they were chosen randomly in her morning rake through her knicker drawer rather than by intention, and it was only an afterthought later today that she remembered she actually did have something purple on.

It really in a way symbolises the essence of the whole thing though – a bit pants! Ok maybe thats being a bit negative, as its a good idea in theory just not really in practise.

This girl doesn’t need a special day to say this is who she is. Nor does she really want to broadcast it by wearing a purple blouse or skirt when she has more inventive ways to do it! Though lets face it, most people probably will remain today as unobservant as they mostly ever are when its wet and windy and they are just trying to go about their business.

When this girl goes round her local ASDA shortly, how will she know whether the old dear in the purple plaid skirt is a pervert or just an old biddy who likes the colour?

It makes more sense if you want to proclaim your fetishes to the world then well attend Pride or your local munch or fetish club, or stick pictures of it and stories of it on the internet where people who are interested will find out about it rather than wearing something that probably isn’t going to be noticed by at least 99% of the people you encounter. This girl has found from wearing an eternity collar, which is probably more noticeable than the colour of a garment that no one bats an eyelid.

Instead what will happen today is you might wonder whether your local politician or vicar has something they’re not broadcasting…

and didnt wearing a purple badge get you rather the wrong sort of attention in Hitler’s germany…ok so we’re not going to be rounded up for our sexual preferences and fetishes in this day and age, yet its rather worrying the way our liberties may be restricted in the name of protecting society.

Make your own choices. Choose to wear purple, choose not to. Though it says more by feeling able to voice your opinions and preferences in your own personal way each day, than just once a year.

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