No i dont feel like dancing!

Picture – ballet boots and tutu

This girl has a pair of them, and can walk in them a little (funnily) but isnt that good at it.In fact really rubbish compared to the likes of others…like this

Which really, that clip there puts a whole new emphasis on practising and training yourself to be good in high heels! Grimly though actually has a fantasy involving ballet boots, latex, electricity and a treadmill…eek!High heels and gym equipment? This girl isnt sure…though a friend of hers who is obsessed with femininity even wears high heeled trainers for the gym…so maybe…and as for dancing…ha..this girl’s dancing skills are really laughable…really bad, though possibly not as bad as Grimly’s mna mna mna dance!

Well so the practising will continue…but generally for Grimly and this girl the fun of them is to look restrictive and to stop her running away…and there’s no amount of practising that would give this girl the confidence to use these as gym shoes…no way…

The treadmill thing is only going to happen if she is tied to it and has the panic button in her mouth!

Ballet lesson
Ballet boots.

2 thoughts on “No i dont feel like dancing!

  1. sorry not much i can do about that since it wasn’t my video but of someone walking very impressively in ballets, if you search on you tube for ballet boots there will be similar ones 🙂

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