Intensive care

Picture – zentai , breath play and bondage

This girl sometimes wonders if what she does with her Dom would be viewed as ‘edgey’ or unsafe by some people.

Wikipedia defines edgeplay as :-

a subjective term for types of sexual play that are considered to be pushing on the edge of the traditional safe, sane and consensual creed. It is nearly universally held that these forms of BDSM activity should not be attempted without proper supervision, safety precautions, etc. as appropriate.

Edgeplay may involve:

* the risk of serious, even permanent harm or death (such as breathplay, gunplay)
* increased risk of spreading disease (E.g. cutting, bloodplay)
* psychological danger (from such practices as humiliation play, incest fantasies, rape roleplay)
* social taboos (for example, ageplay, scat fetishism, racial slurs)
* controversial topics like total power exchange, anonymous abduction scenes, zoophilia

What this girl does with her Dom is not really therefore edge play in the sense of the above. Yes, as with any BDSM there is always the chance something could go wrong. Though this girl has never felt with Grimly that she was even ever close to something dangerous happening.

He’s too careful for that, he makes sure he is in control of everything including her and she knows that she can always trust him in that regard and that is always at the back of her mind regardless of what he is doing to her.

He takes the time to research things, to learn (and he’s had plenty of time to do that lol) and the equipment he makes always has safety considered.

Its just really how its perceived. How it looks on the outside. For example take this picture :-

Intensive Care

It may look as though she cant breathe. But she can do so quite easily. Dont ask this girl how this breathing machine works – she doesnt have the faintest idea – but thats part of the magic – he knows – she doesn’t. This picture reminds this girl of some sort of intensive care unit or life support machine and really thats what he does during play – he’s monitoring everything, watching it, but at the same time sadistically delighting in what he is doing.

There are times sure enough when this girl might feel ‘on edge’ during play, or nervous, or stressed. For example, the recent kneeling stand he made has a neck restraint which when first used was slightly too high and so made her feel as though her neck was being restricted too much and she felt a bit stressed about it. It was fine though, she was worrying over nothing! Sometimes too a bit of panic can be very erotic. Being scared creates adrenaline after all. It may be the flight or fight hormone, and really, you cant fight if you’re tied up so drifting happily elsewhere seems the best option 🙂

Breath play is one of these things thats adds to that eroticism. Please don’t try it though unless you completely know what you are doing, it has plenty of dangers. This girl feels that the breath play she does with Grimly is more control than restriction, making it harder to breathe, making it controlled as he wants it to be, rather than making it impossible for a life threatening period of time. He wouldnt take that risk. It enhances the play, it turns her on, it doesn’t make her fear for her life. She’s never been THAT scared of him! If she was something would be very wrong.

He cares too much to take risks, and being a control freak this girl cant think of any time when she’s played with him when he hasnt controlled even the tiniest little thing.

When she’s in that sort of situation, her movement and her breathing and her senses all controlled by him it is very relaxing. Its almost like going into a trance sometimes. When your breathing is controlled through a mask and you have some sort of hood on you get hypnotized by the sound of your own breathing because its all you can hear, aside from his voice. Its not panicky, its regulated. If there was one of those cardiac monitors there it would show a regulated pattern of peaks and troughs, oh and probably the occasionally really high frequent peaks when she orgasms. Its weird how being so controlled can sometimes make you so relaxed, yet so aroused, so turned on and so susceptible to anything he might then add to the recipe – like an electrode, or a vibrator or a clamp…or anything.

Sometimes this girl wonders if he cares too much and loves her to much to be really properly sadistic…but then…when he is set on it he knows her limits and his sadism will drive her to the edge of them….and yet even then …he does so with care and a lot of attention to detail.

6 thoughts on “Intensive care

  1. Well there is no way I would let anything happen to you that I was not in control of,

  2. lovely confessions and great things, that u both are into

  3. I’ve got to say, a breathing machine like this actually keeps my mind preoccupied with breathing itself. It’s as if it’s something that shouldn’t even be on my mind, yet I’m constantly thinking about it while hooked to one. It’s even more of the mental space we all enter in these situations.

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