Packing things away…

Today is this girl’s day for taking down the Christmas decorations.

The house always feels empty without Grimly here but somehow after Christmas is neatly packed in boxes this girl always thinks for a few days it looks so bare – though it has to be done.

She found this photo gallery today which shows an oriental girl in maids dress being packed away, looks decidely more amusing than the hell of trying to untangle the bloody lights and strap the tree together whilst getting all prickled with the plasticky needles!


House of Gord and the sites that were the former Insex have similar pictures on them of girls being packed up/unpacked and it does look fun. Grimly tried to get this girl into a suitcase once but it was either not big enough or she wasnt flexible enough or a combination of the two.

It would probably be quite fun to be delivered somewhere in a parcel crate or something like that all ready dressed as a bondage doll (airholes of course – not convinced there’s enough in that gaffer taped box) to be unpacked by a happy and excited Dom at the other end…..

well it is his birthday next week…..

So there are eight days to try and find a box big enough…


here’s some images from one of Gord’s guest archive galleries – this girl wishes she was that girl! πŸ™‚

gord packing

2 thoughts on “Packing things away…

  1. The house of gord is also my favorite bondage sites. I just love the different ways of bondage he comes up with. I too wish to be one of those girls. πŸ˜€

    This_girl I hope you your new year is going well. How is everything across the pond from me? I hope you had fun with Grimly for those 10 days you were together.

    Sissy Maid Kaye

  2. It is cold here, some places not too far from here have snow so although it wasnt a white Christmas its looking like it will be a white January!

    We had fun together yes, though as i said in my post yesterday its not the same here, not the same ambience and having to put on appearances for family gets in the way a bit…oh well..roll on next weekend thats what i say! πŸ™‚ x

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