A review of 2007

Well as this year goes out here is the review of this girl’s year of pervertery, with a bit about each month and a quote from the first blog of each month also! Feel free to browse the archives for more info if you want to!


The first post of the year was about sex. Well really about making love and Grimly being the first person this girl was really truly properly in love with BEFORE sex was involved.

This girl’s Master was the first man she made love to, and this makes him so much more special than the first person she had sex with

Grimly’s birthday saw the arrival of the remote control estim and this girl began to get used to wearing an eterntiy collar all the time to prepare her for her collaring in july.


This girl had quite a lot of thoughts about submission, slavery and control, and started really to be more accepting of his control of her.

Traditionally slaves didnt need to be captivated, they didnt want it they didnt embrace it – being captivated and forced into slavery made them what they were it was not part of who they were. Just what. For this girl being his slave is one of her fantasies – and fantasies are part of who we are


A few difficulties arose with this girl understanding her submission and march also included a visit to Nemesis & BBB.

A lot of people in D/s relationships seem to rush into making commitments, into getting involved with someone without really knowing them too well and proclaiming it to the world – for it to all go tits up five minutes later and then they have another Dom or sub what seems like being quite quickly


This girl thought about Doms marking their ‘territory’,she wrote about her thoughts about limits and also about her style of writing, which some people across the bdsm community dont like.

When this girl’s ex proposed, a lot of people said that it wasnt because they thought he loved her but because he was ‘marking his territory’ because another Dom was on the scene and so he wanted to ‘make his claim’. There’ probably a lot of truth in that but it got this girl thinking as to whether its sometimes part of the male nature to behave this way.


The highlight of the month – the custom made white latex catsuit.

This girl got a new outfit at the weekend and the anonymity of it made her feel like someone else totally…..someone in a strange fantasy world.


The highlight of the month, the year really, was the collaring and more pony play fun at the annual pervy BBQ. This girl also shared a bit about the joys of having a talented and creative Dom.

One of the things this girl loves about her Dom is his ability to make things. It saves money, its fun and it makes toys feel special and unique rather than mass produced and over priced


lots of thoughts really in July about lots of things – but primarily concerned with appearances and how things appear to be are not necessarily what they are and that really what is deep down is the important thing. A month for quite a few reflections on things too.

Over the last few days this girl’s Master made her a new harness…this is it..(shown here with zentai suit, sabre gas mask and breath control apparatus)


Lots of new toys this month – including the electric pony and thoughts on both it and its non wired up predecessor.This month also saw the introduction of the much hated tower of pain breast bondage device, the anal hook and the anaesthesia breath play mask.

This girl’s Master has been making a lot of new toys recently, some of which sound quite daunting yet enjoyable and erotic at the same time.


This girl thought about what it would be like if Doms had contracts. She met his parents, which went well and continues to do so – a really big milestone! She had quite a lot of submissive thoughts to write about but slipped up by cybering with another Dom – stupid!

There’s tonnes of places on the internet where you can find examples of sub/slave contracts though there are no dom or Master contracts because probably for the most part the submissive is thought of as the property or commodity and a lot of people in the ’scene’ would think this idea completely ‘out there’. But its not really.


This girl wrote about the rules and dress code her Master has introduced. She posted the summers’ pony play pictures and participated in Bonnie’s love our lurkers day – which has earnt her at some point in the future, a week in chastity.

Ok so this girl has been trying to follow his dress code. Or at least a relaxed version of it for the time being, which equates to her wearing skirts on days she’s at work and makeup everyday.


A Really busy month for play. Amongst other things this girl wrote about her Master’s fuck machine,and she wrote more about pony play but the main highlight was her custom made latex maids dress.

Pony play is something she’s only done in full kit twice and each time has been at a friend’s Annual summer party. Its one of these things that there are people out there who do it, its just finding them and finding ones that are actually *near* you and also finding venues where you can fun without a random man with a dog walking along! If anyone thats say, North of the midlands has any ideas on this please get in touch.


This girl launched her other site BDSM book club, which is proving not to be a success. oh well! The highlight of the month was the trip to BBB and her fun as a reindeer girl. She wrote a Grimly version of the Grinch who stole Christmas and became more comfortable with inverted suspension.

Hopefully this girl and her Dom should get to BBB in December. Drop a mail or leave a comment if you’re planning on being there If you havent heard of BBB click the header below if you are interested – its basically a fetish market in Birmingham in the UK where you can buy toys and clothes whilst dressed up.


This girl would like to get to more fetish events and meet more people, but her main target is to go from long distance relationship to living with her Master full time, not necessarily 24/7 but a happy relationship where BDSM and d/s is a strong integral part. She’d also like to knock out the brat a bit more, and concentrate more on the D/s elements of the relationship. She’d really like to AVOID chastity as much as possible..but doesnt think this will be likely! She’d like to try more new things and just really explore things as much as possible. On the whole 2007 has been a good year and seen the hopefully final exit of any contact with her ex and she just wants 2008 to be even better.

4 thoughts on “A review of 2007

  1. TG.

    It’s been a real pleasure reading your blog over the last few months. You and Grimly are well suited to each other, something that was obvious when I met you both. It was a delight to see how you interact with each other, and the fun that you both appear to get from your relationship.

    A happy new year to both of you and best wishes for 2008.

  2. This Top just wanted to say how much he’s enjoyed reading your blog over the past year. Best wishes for 2008.

  3. Thanks Richy, well someone has to put up with me you know and he seems to do a good job. Hope you have a good new year

    Thanks Abel, best wishes to you too!


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