Feeling festive!

This girl has now done ALL of her christmas shopping following a visit home to Yorkshire at the weekend.

She went into York on Friday and indulged in the ridiculously high priced food in Betty’s which is a traditional tea room with waitresses dressed in a Victorian theme before braving the shops. This girl wonders if any of the girls there like the traditional service look….probably not!

The shops weren’t actually all THAT busy. Not compared to what everyone has hyped the Christmas rush up to be.

She hopes Grimly likes the present she’s got him. Its sort of vanilla but has a pervy message to it as well, which this girl’s mum was obviously totally oblivious to when it was being bought! lol. Thats the thing with kink, it sort of crosses over into parts of your life you dont expect and vice versa its like is he boyfriend that happens to be dom or dom that happens to be boyfriend. Sometimes it gets very confusing!

Anyway so the presents are all sorted, and just everywhere has that christmassy feel that bright lights and outdoors brass bands gives you but mostly because of being around family.

This year is this girl’s first proper Christmas waking up with Grimly, so it should be fun to the say the least. Though possibly NOT remotely normal!

This tune here has really got this girl into the spirt of things this year…probably just because the bells remind her of those on her modified leather reindeer corset LOL

One thought on “Feeling festive!

  1. I must confess to the occasional illicit thoughts whenever I’m in Betty’s (i.e. as often as I can find an excuse!) about the traditionally-dressed waitresses being dealt with ‘traditionally’ for any errors…!

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