This girl can be domestic!

(kinda ish!)

A recipe for buns/cupcakes adapted from the net.

Here’s a picture of the finished result, if you want to see the method and recipe click the title!


Ok so this isnt a BDSM related post, just a bit of festive fun!

1. You need to make a basic bun/cupcake receipe.

This one is based on :-

4oz/100g caster sugar

4oz/100g self raising flour

4oz/100g butter/margarine

2 eggs (medium)

and a teaspoon of baking power.

You throw all the ingredients in a bowl together :-


and beat/whip 😉

2. once its all mixed up and smooth, put a generous heaped teaspoon of mixture in each bun/cupcake case.


3. Cook 400F/200c gas mark 6 for about 15 minutes till they look like this


4. Leave to cool. You will need the following for the next step (the original recipe used pretzels and stuff but this girl is english and likes chocolate so there!)




Writing icing


5. Make up frosting/icing using icing sugar and warm water. Ice your cake and stick one marshmallow on top and then put a cocktail stick through the middle vertically.


6. Cut another marshmallow in half and put it on the stick sideways so that it is round like this and then top it off with the munchie hat. The cocktail stick keeps this ensemble together.


7. Use a quarter of a match maker stick for each arm by poking it into the marshmallow then decorate his face with writing icing (or you can use sweets if you prefer)


ps tell folk you give them to about the cocktail sticks!

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