Orally retentive bastard!*

* orally retentive – a new term this girl made up for doms that get off  on making it really difficult for their girls to get them to orgasm, and thus subjecting their girls to frustrating and non-productive oral sex and extremely lengthy sex sessions. 🙂  

This girl quite often comes across D/s relationships where oral servitude features quite heavily, and it was something her previous partner was very much into. It was a sort of ‘because you’re my sub you have to put this in your mouth every day and be grateful for it’. It was the same with piss too it was ‘you will be grateful for anything that comes from Master’s cock’ – what a load of rubbish!

(* sorry if its your fantasy but this girl had an overdose of this mentality and hates it, if it works for you great though)

This girl has no problem with giving her dom a blow job. In fact she quite likes it, especially if it is a sort of inbetween activity between BDSM and sex. Its sort of where it seems to fit, and thats so much better than feeling she has to do it as a daily/nightly routine. She likes doing it when she’s been turned on from play and wants to pleasure her Dom, rather than as a chore or task.But what is weird is he doesn’t orgasm from it when she does it. So its like a few years now since this girl has tasted a guy and she wonders if she misses it. From going to the point of being sick of it, she actually now is curious about it again, and maybe one of these days he’ll do it.  

Though sometimes she wonders if its a good thing he doesnt, because it makes her put a lot more effort into it for him, to try to, whilst knowing the mission is totally futile. It really illustrates who is really in control of what happens regardless of what this girl may try to do about it. Regardless of what she does to try and make him orgasm, he wont till he is ready, whereas, he can make her orgasm with one word or one click of his fingers whenever. 

This girl isn’t really sure whether she wants him to or not, because its kind of nice that he hasn’t.It shows he respects her,that he doesnt *just* want to use her (yes he wants to use her but not ONLY use her), he wants her to be turned on as well and for the experience to be shared. For so long she was in  a relationship where there was more oral than there was penetrative sex, or play either for that matter and it got boring. Grimly is NOT boring! 

Grimly is not a lazy dom either, he would rather be more active than just lying down doing little. He’s a control freak, and whilst this may sound odd he’s probably more in control when he goes down on this girl than the other way around, and that’s probably why he seems to enjoy that more. This is the problem (or benefit) when you have a dom that can control your orgasms, but makes it very hard for you to give him one! Suppose thats probably quite lucky really!     

3 thoughts on “Orally retentive bastard!*

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  2. I can relate very well to this. As often as I can (which is not too often anymore) I will arrange for my wife to pleasure me orally for a prolonged time. Often kneeling in front of my chair while I watch TV. It never fails to get her very excited and I sometimes joke that she has a G spot in the back of her mouth. I think what excites her is that she gets to concentrate on my pleasure rather than her own. It is a good example of the wonderful duality of D/s relationships.

    Anyway, I never ejaculate in her mouth. One reason is that I do not ejaculate easily and I do not think she could stimulate me enough this way. Another reason is that we are both quite squeemish about bodily fluids where they do not naturally belong. I know, I know, it sounds boring, but why would we do it if we find it icky?

  3. Exactly. Do what turns you on, no point doing something just because other people reckon its erotic. There’s no right and wrong.

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