The Thoughts of Chairman Grim

Greetings Its Grimly here for a change! “this girl” is away for a few days well deserved holiday and has asked me to look after her blog and so I’m going to post something for a change. I tend to let her have this space to herself to write about whatever she wants and it is also a useful communication tool that she uses to let me know things she has trouble saying face to face. However now that I have my hands on the keyboard I get the chance to redress the balance to some extent.I have been referred to on some of her posts as “the bastard”, evil, devious, “the git” and other such less than complimentary endearments and I have been asked why I let her get away with referring to me in such disrespectful terms on her blog.

Well the answer to that is slightly complex. First of all it is her blog and I do not exercise any editorial control over it, if I was going to do that I may as well write the thing myself. Secondly as I said at the start it is a communication tool and I can gauge how effective my methods are by what she writes. Thirdly as I am sure you have all managed to work out for yourselves she can be a BRAT!I know some Doms see having a brat as a sub or slave as a challenge and endeavour to knock it out of them as soon as possible, I know that her bratty behaviour is a part of her makeup and as long as she understands the boundaries, I give her some leeway, but she knows that if she goes too far then there will be consequences, the choice is hers and when she has earned a punishment it’s no use complaining because she well knows that I wont give in. She knows its no use asking for mercy because as far as I know mercy is French for thank you (although I may be wrong about the pronunciation).Some Doms or subs might think that I am too lenient with her but in my opinion there is no such thing as the “Perfect Dom” just as there is no such thing as the “perfect sub”. The best any of us can hope for is compatibility, and “this girl” and I are very compatible, I like to think that I am very good at what I do, and have the experience and imagination to make my slave’s life interesting. If I were asked to sum up what BDSM is for me, I would describe it as my hobby. Now that at first sight may seem like I am trivialising it, but if you think about it, hobbies can, for many people, be a consuming passion and something that takes up a lot of free time and I fall into this category,. As well as playing, I design and make my own kit, I do a lot of research, and I am always looking to learn new skills. I have invested a lot of time, energy and money in pursuit of my hobby and I have very clear ideas of what it is I want from BDSM and Ds and also equally clear ideas what I want my slave to get from it as well. I want her to get her submissive needs met, live out our fantasy in a safe controlled manner and above all have a great time, for me the most important thing is that it should be a lot of fun!Cheers Grimly

9 thoughts on “The Thoughts of Chairman Grim

  1. Heya great blog and you have a great sub/slave. Should drop by here more often we’d love to hear what you have in store for her and maybe allow some fan feedback, would be cool to have a pool on which furnity or outfits to have her in for a bit.

    just my 2 cents but anyways all the best

  2. Not that this will change your thoughts on mercy and you probably already know this but the French thank you is merci, the stress is on the second syllable instead of English’s mercy which is on the first. Ok, so shoot me now. I swear I’m not correcting you, just expanding your knowledge.

    On that note, I wouldn’t get away with begging mercy either. His favorite retort is, “That’s not your safeword!” Ugh, gets me every time.

  3. Mercy, merci, its close enough, the pronunciation is really not the issue it’s the meaning. I am glad you did not feel it was necessary to correct me on that!

    Cheers Grimly

  4. I will have to say that your slave, is very nice and love to chat with other pony girls (like myself). You seem like the perfect Dom for her. I wish you two the best in this upcoming year.

    Sissy Maid Kaye
    From Southeast USA

  5. Thank you, I agree she is one in a million, and we are well matched.
    I hope you have a great year coming too.

    Cheers Grimly

  6. Its important to keep the humour aspect in a BDSM relationship. I too, get away with being a “brat”….but only on occasion, there is a line that I can cross and punishment will be the result if I do cross it, on the other hand Master also appreciates my sense of humour and allows me to express it by being playful…. sometimes…. grins and winks.


  7. Rosie I totaly agree with what you say, sometimes it is very hard to punish her when I’m laughing so much at what she has done, but I still manage it 🙂

    Cheers Grimly

  8. I think maybe i should take lessons from you on how to play practical jokes properly 😉 you are good at being a brat yourself! xx

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