Fear becomes kink

picture- suspended upside down – red & black pvc & latex

Its kind of funny how sometimes from being scared or wary of something you can go to actually liking it, getting turned on by it, getting thrilled by it.

Sort of seems to be going that way with this upside down business.It started with being a bit scary for this girl when she first tried it the other day (pictured a few blogs ago) but the last night she was at her Dom’s she tried it again (pictured here) and it went a lot better as her confidence with it had improved.Ok, this isnt a particular activity this girl would want to necessarily do every time she had time with her Master, but its fun every now and again.There are quite a few things though that used to be fears and are now erotic, and key ingredients.Things like heavy bondage, electrics, wearing hoods – basically activities that involve you really needing to be able to put trust in the person to know what they’re doing.Thats why she knows she’s safe hanging by her feet with him. He checks everything, he’s safe, but he’s edgy at the same time, it feels dangerous enough to be really erotic but safe enough not to feel injury or life threatening.This girl wouldnt just let anyone do this to her. She wouldnt let just anyone electrocute her either, and so many other things.There are just so many bdsm activities that you really need to know and trust the person (and that means trusting their skill and experience and most of all their common sense!) to be able to enjoy them to the max.Once the trust is fully there then you can enjoy it without worrying ‘what’s going to happen here’.This girl sometimes wonders whether bdsm puts a lot of pressure on a Dom – to observe everything, to be the safety conscious one – but then some types of fun come with a bit of responsibility and its important to remember that.

Upside down again

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