Fifteen inches of leather

DISCLAIMER : – please be aware this girl has sub drop AND pmt…read on at your own risk!Mopey – sorry!

Before getting into BDSM, leather was something this girl ever only came across in shoes, bags, belts – boring everyday things. Ok you might argue shoes aren’t boring, if you’re one of these people with a passion for shoes and a wardrobe full of them…but this girl isnt so much of a shoe fetishist.

Since meeting her Dom leather has played a much more interesting role. Its the main form of bondage really, and his main talent when making things lies in his leathercraft. Cuffs, armbinders, restraints,coverings for fetish furniture,swings,harnesses…all lovingly made, but the most lovingly made is this girl’s collar.

Its sitting in front of the computer at the moment, and just sat there, its a strip of leather, with a lock and with an O’ring. Its quite simple, nothing too fancy, but it fits that snug way that gives the reminder of ownership when its on.

This girl spent the last five days with her Dom, playing quite heavily, doing a lot, shagging a lot, cuddling a lot. But now its back to reality and it kind of sucks, and the collar doesnt really mean as much without him here to put it on her. She brought this collar home because she cant wear the eternity one this week because this girl has family commitments which involve going through airport security*, so it was agreed she would have the week without it rather than to cause any questions – though probably no one would say anything. She misses it a lot already.

The eternity collar has got to really be part of this girl, she sort of feels a bit lost without it on because its sort of a comfort thing when he’s not around. Its like he is there even when he isn’t, and when you are seperated by distance that kind of helps.

So this leather one. It actually means a lot too. Yes its just a strip of leather, but its the first collar he gave her that was *for her* as opposed to general play collars that were just in his collection, and that makes it kind of special it was a kind of ‘i see you as my sub’ gesture. Looking at it like that, this girl supposes the eternity one was really a way of him saying ‘i see you as my slave…for life…you’re stuck with me’ lol.

So this is still special. The first time he tried to put it on her, this girl pretended to fight and not let him – to hide the fact that it was exactly what she wanted, but never really has been any kidding him – in hardly anything. The fact that he’s made it, rather than bought it, that it fits *exactly* adds to how much it means. Its more of a bondage collar in that respect than the eternity one, because its not subtle, it cant be mistaken for jewellery – it stands up and says ‘i belong to someone kinky’. It says ‘pet’ and ‘toy’ , but mostly it says ‘owned’. This girl is owned, regardless of whether she is with her Dom or not, but not really sucks at the moment.

Its actually the first time in a long while that she’s had this collar with her without him with her as well and it feels kind of weird. Its got to being associated as the collar she often wears at his at night, cuddling him after all the evil things he’s done to her body – but then its memories and dreams too of how things started so its nice for it to be here, given as well that recent times have really given a new start, of hopefully very good things πŸ™‚

* This girl’s dom used to have a stall at a fetish fair and was going back home from London and was stopped at airport security with a case of restraints and hitting toys. He was able to declare it as ‘stock’ and avoid any embarrasment (he wouldnt have been embarrassed – they would lol) but was then a few minutes later approached by the lady on security who wanted to buy one of the floggers.

Doubt airport security is like that these days!

3 thoughts on “Fifteen inches of leather

  1. Hey hun,
    I know it has to be tough not having your eternity collar on but I am sure he still in love with you and wants this to continue. You are already have earned wearing his collar and i do suppose her was looking out for your best interest when made this decision. If you ever want to talk you know how to reach me.

    Yours Truly

  2. aww thanks πŸ™‚ Yeah i know he still loves me..he gets ‘Dom drop’ too, so i’m not in this alone πŸ™‚

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