The control button

This girl has written before how quite often the torture and control her Dom inflicts on her can quite often be sexual in nature, but then BDSM is really about what your sexual preferences are. Its about what turns you on.Before she met her Dom, this girl found it quite difficult to orgasm. It was achievable, but didnt happen very often, and she was just one of however many woman who have rather unsatisfactory sex.So she joked with him when they first played that he wouldnt get her to cum.It was a sort of ‘if i hold off and don’t then you havent beaten me’, it was defiance really which was daft given that its not really sensible to be defiant against things that’ll feel good!

So he won in the end, because no matter how strong your will its not really easy to survive against an attack of sensations fired by a man with an extremely devious mind.The thing is, if he stimulates this girl’s body enough, and then uses the correct triggers, she doenst have a chance. A lot of that is to do with her clit, sort of stimulating that will eventually lead to the finale and leave her at his mercy.He bought a vaginal pump recently, but was not satisfied with the hand held pump part of the device and rigged it up to a vaccum machine that he has made. The force was unbelievable and it felt like her clit and everything around it was going to be ripped from her body. The benefit of this weird moment though was that it made everything done after more intense. More at his mercy, more needy for release. Its certainly a toy worth investing in from that point of view.

This girl sometimes wonders if it would be interesting to experiment more with play that doesnt end in orgasm, it often does, because its build up and build up and then explosion, but what if that explosion wasnt there?If he chose not to press the last button? Not to fire, to prolong the torture.This is a stupid thing to ask for!Though part of the pride of being a masochist is to be able to withstand the pain as long as possible, even though really deep down you know that he knows where your limits are, he knows what will make you want to stop. He knows how to make you want an orgasm more than another dose of pain.Regardless of that, he’s implanted a trigger in her brain that she will orgasm when he commands anyway whether she is ready for it to happen or not He does not abuse this power, but uses it to the best advantage and a trigger in your brain is much more dangerous than that tiny bit of sensitive flesh. It’s not what this girl’s body can endure that directs the scene, its what he chooses to do to her mind during it.

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