How this girl spent the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month


…explaining she did not need a midwife’s visit!

This is not how she intended on marking it. This year she intended to observe it, she bought the poppy and was going to go and sit in the park and just have a peaceful sunny sunday morning. Having a LAZY sunday morning delayed that a little so she was still home at 11am.

Someone knocked the door…standing in front of this girl was a nurse with a briefcase…ok…so she has fantasies about evil doctors and nurses sometimes…but…this nurse didnt really meet the description of your average fantasy one. No..she was a wee chubby scottish woman with red hair.

The conversation : –

Nurse – midwife’s visit?
This girl – I think you have the wrong house!
Nurse – Number *** ? Are you sure.
This girl – YES! I’m not pregnant and no children here!
Nurse – errr….err right ok.
This girl – oh maybe try two doors up…they just had a baby.

So..anyway. That was the 11th hour of today. Not observed as planned.

But then..sometimes the best plans go wrong.

This girl has OTHER plans coming up soon though that do involve proper fantasy doctors and medical play and NOT pregnancy or childbirth – thankyou very much!

Though on a serious note.

Special remembrance to those that have lost their lives in conflict and continue to do so.


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