Where to put clothes pegs???

DISCLAIMER : this blog isnt attacking anyone with a peg fetish – just personal opinion

Picture – pegs

Someone searched for advice on this yesterday – so here you go. Here’s the sort of idea you’re probably thinking of, but personally this girl thinks they are best kept on the washing line, but if you really must use them in BDSM play then stick to the fleshy bits 😉


This girl’s not too fussed on pegs. Probably because its kind of ‘too easy’. Not knocking it or anything, but anyone can raid the washing up bags for a few pegs and stick them on someones tits as demonstrated here.

They are effective in that they can make pretty patterns and are a bitch when you take them off (especially if they are hit off with something) but to this girl it doesn’t really show that much use of imagination. There’s no wow factor there.

This girl read maymay’s blog yesterday on competence, and this girl has to admit really to being a competence snob – or at least since she started playing with her Master. She’s a kit snob too – its sort of because she’s been spoilt by having her Dom wow her with new things that something that can be pinched from the kitchen just doesnt really mean anything compared to something that he has put his time, effort and devious imagination into.

They are a good pervertible for beginners who dont have much kit as they do the job of causing a nice nippy tingly sensation, but they are so many more ways to torture tits that show more imagination, so its something thats good to start with when exploring your kinky self, but only just a small step on the path of whats really out there.

6 thoughts on “Where to put clothes pegs???

  1. I happen to be quite fond of clothespins because of their utility; I don’t think competence necessarily implies difficulty, though I agree with you wholeheartedly that a scene constructed purely of clothespins is easy to execute and it doesn’t require much skill. Since, I think it’s fun, if low-key, but fun. 🙂

    The thing about competence is that it’s sexy. When someone puts the time and effort into something to be truly great with something, even if that something is clothespins, for instance, then I can’t help but be attracted to that person insofar as crushing really hard on their skills, and possibly quite a bit more. And this goes for bottoms as well as tops. Showing me a competent bottom is the best way to get my top juices flowing, if I’m so inclined.

    Nice picture, by the way. I think there are two clothespins missing, though—right on the nipples—but that’s just me. 😉

  2. 🙂

    I agree, i totally respect anyone that puts effort into their kink,especially when it shows through by clear signs of enjoyment in both parties.

    I suppose just personally i’m kinda on an addiction with this stuff, its sort of a kind of, ‘what else is out there’ thing with me.For ages, I thought all was out there was the ‘tie & spank’ kinda play, you know, tying someone to a St Andrews Cross and hitting them with things and maybe using pegs and clamps and those sensations can be good, I still get off on things I got off when I first tried them…but doing the same thing gets stale after so long.

    And yes, someone that looks like they know what they’re doing *is* sexy and its good to show off what you’re confident with and comfortable with and enjoy.

    I’ve been with someone that wasn’t too competent (wont go so far as to say he was incompetent lol) but it just makes so much difference to play with someone who has the confidence to make the scene flow and that doesnt run out of ideas of things to interest me with .Sometimes i worry whether really I am a competent bottom – well sub really – I still find this obedience thing hard sometimes! I think i find the BDSM way way easier to be good at than the D/s!

    There’s a reason there’s nipple pegs missing – this is quite an old picture and taking not too long after some piercings were taken out. So thats the excuse!

  3. i have to say that the tone of that post was quite arrogant. you seem to suggest that only amateurs get real enjoyment from clothespins.

    i have been active in bdsm for over 20 years and have been fortunate to have a very colorful and varied kink life. having experienced various types of nipple torture (including weights, clover clamps and needles) i have to say that clothes pins win hands down every time. and this is coming from one who is a self confessed pain slut.

    of course you are entitled to your opinion as this is your blog and your forum, but please do not assume that you way is THE way.

  4. I said at the start of the blog I wasnt attacking anyone, and that this was personal opinion.

    I never have ever once said on my blog that ‘this is the way it has to be done’. Only that ‘this is the way *I* enjoy my BDSM’ and I am not an arrogant person, smug maybe, that I have exactly what I want and I am just sharing my experiences of what I have done and what I am used to.

    I stick to my opinion that pegs have limited use. I didnt say only amateurs get enjoyment from them, just that it is somewhere where most people DO start, before they start spending money on toys, as its cheap, its easy and its something everyone has got in the house.

    I whole heartedly recommend that people try as much as is out there or at least whatever things they feel may interest them, and if they feel the simple things are the best, great, whatever suits.

    I feel there are so many in the scene (or at least that i have met in my part of the world) that have a limited scope of play, and I think thats a shame. I just want to explore BDSM as much as possible and enjoy it to the max.

    I have never once said that my way is THE way. I see though that you dont link to any of your own writings or experiences and just attack mine.

    Because, if you really want me to be arrogant, then the most arrogant i get is to say that I have a Dom with a unique imagination and devious engineering talent and dont expect people to be able to copy everything we do. He is a one-off, and he’s mine, and yeah ok i’m smug and proud of that!

    You defend your BDSM choices, I’ll defend mine.

    I write about what I do, not whats necessarily right, but whats right for me, what I enjoy, what I love and thats it, and I know how that comes across to the only person that really matters. Anyone else, I hope they enjoy what I write, maybe get something from it but I dont expect everyone to agree. That would be so dull.


  5. I’ve been having the opposite experience lately. I think with so much out there it’s easy to get distracted by expensive purpose-built devices. But on holiday a few weeks ago we had nothing better – and ended up getting much more interesting sensations out of humble clothes pegs (creatively applied) than with any of the fancy gear at home. I’m going to try leaving all that on the shelf for a few weeks and going right back to basics.

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