Dont play with electricity!

Picture – in the chair with electrics

Well, thats what this girls mum said when she phoned for advice in changing a lightbulb.

The lightbulb was on a really old fitting and the fitting was breaking away weirdly and her mum said – ‘make sure you turn off all the electric’you dont want to get a shock!’ This girl has had a non intended small shock before from household electric from trying to clean around a light switch (not sensible!) and it wasnt as much fun as the intended sort.

Electricity play is safe if you know what you are doing, but you need to know.

Luckily this girl’s Dom *does* know. Quite a lot actually, which is probably just as well. This girl’s first experience with electricity before meeting him was the violet wand, which is nothing really after you’ve experienced pulse style electricity. Ok it doesnt look as pretty,and a bit weird, and a bit like something out of a science project, but you know…who really cares about that 😉

Ok so maybe this girl is some weird sort of patient that requires electro shock therapy to modify her behaviour by a man in a white coat but this treatment is a LOT cheaper than the priory.

In the picture there are flashing lights and sounds built into the mask which are timed with electric shocks through the electro box which is connected internally and on this girl’s nipples as well. Its quite an amazing feeling really to have that much stimulation all inflicted by one man 🙂

electric overload

4 thoughts on “Dont play with electricity!

  1. Wonderful site. Your Dom is so lucky to have you. Any place I can see more of you Dom’s handiwork?

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