Crime on collarme


This girl came across this news article on another site today :-

lbert W. Hsu Sentenced For Soliciting, Rape, and Abduction of Mistress on Internet Sex SiteNORWALK, Conn. (Crime Library) — A once prominent businessman and Cub Scout leader has been sentenced to a prison term for impersonating his mistress and posting an ad on the Internet requesting someone abduct and rape her.

Albert Hsu, 43, pled guilty in state Superior Court Monday to first-degree attempted kidnapping and trafficking in personal identification information. For his crimes, Hsu was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison. As part of his sentencing guidelines, Hsu will be required to register as a sex offender and is banned from having any contact with his victim.Hsu’s case dates back to Feb. 26, when an unidentified woman notified the New Canaan Police Department that someone posing as her had posted an explicit personal ad to, a bondage and fetish site that hosts personal ads and offers users the ability to chat and communicate with one another. According to the website’s homepage, the site is “the largest BDSM community on the planet.” Long-time readers of Crime Library will recall that it was one of the adult Web sites that abuser and wife-murderer Woody Woodring used when searching for a mistress.When investigators viewed the ad, they were shocked to discover that it not only contained the woman’s photograph and personal contact information, but it also listed her home and work addresses, motor vehicle license plate number, and information on which train she takes to work every day. The premise of the ad was even more surprising. According to police, the ad said that the woman wanted to be kidnapped and raped as part of a sex fantasy.


Its pretty worrying that someone would do that to someone, but it just goes to show there’s little to control what is put on BDSM sites.Though saying that, this girl got banned from for having a userhandle they didnt like – which was ‘tortureclinic’ which was to illustrate the idea that her Dom’s playroom has a medical theme but they didnt like it – maybe because of Guantanamo connotations who knows. Well the wording of the ad made it clear what is done is consensual.So yet someone can be banned that is genuine, yet someone who commits identity theft they dont notice.It makes this girl wonder whether bdsm sites should be more moderated…but then again…the majority of us are good people with just a few kinks…aren’t we?Possibly the reason why the public perception of BDSM is so warped is because of things like this happening…that the news highlights the kinks that criminals have and doesnt so often show that it can be a healthy fun passion in probably at least 95% of people who indulge in it and that theres just the odd nut job out there.

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