The concept of punishment?

Picture – caned

The concept of punishment doesnt really work so much for this girl.

Its sort of difficult to punish a submissive who is also a masochist with pain when they enjoy that too!

This girl wrote a while ago about a punishment that she had racked up – a caning – ……

Caned by Grimly

It really hurt at the time, it was painful, this girl really wanted it to stop – yet, a keen eye will show she was most definately turned on! 🙂

Ok so then the whole BDSM D/s thing is a fantasy, so who says being turned on by a punishment is wrong? Maybe it isn’t. This girl will try hard to avoid racking up another punishment like that as its usually more fun when the torture and torment is varied and built up and pleasurable as well as neat pain, but then there’s something erotic about being given a sentence as well that you know is going to last a certain time or extent before its over…its sort of like having the neat shot of vodka instead of having the orange with it. Kinda. Maybe thats a bad metaphor.

Anyway, pain as punishment? It doesnt work for this girl. She used to do spanking modelling and most of the time the plots required there to be crime – punishment – resolution. That was hard acting! To sort of look sorry, or look scared that the punishment was going to happen lol.

This girl isnt saying that her Master isnt capable of delivering pain that will make her feel sorry, and make her cry and make her beg him to stop…

but the problem is

sometimes thats the most erotic kind


But then …its not really a problem. He just needs to make sure he applies more than one learning method.

11 thoughts on “The concept of punishment?

  1. Punishing a masochist is a bit like predicting the weather; it seems easy but in practise very seldom works. The old joke “Hurt me” said the masochist “No” said the sadist has a ring of truth to it in this girl’s case. I think better punishment will be preventing her from doing things she likes and withdrawing something she takes for granted, so I have decided to get her a chastity belt, one that is suitable for long term wear and totally restricts access. I think a physical barrier to her cunt and the other inconveniences that a stainless steel belt will impose upon her might just focus her mind better than a caning ever will.

  2. sometimes i wonder if it is a bad thing having a man who has initmate knowledge of my body…you have too much information on this girl!

  3. We don’t use pain as punishment for the most part. If my Master gives me a flogging or spanking, etc, it’s because He wants to. And i like bottoming – liked it before i was ever a D/s slave – so it’s not at all linked to punishment for me.

    i’m sure He could inflict pain in a way that would act as a deterrent to future misbehavior. But so far his punishments have involved other much more dreaded things, like making me take ice cold showers. That certainly drives the lesson home!

  4. Hmm Lyn its funny cold water is sort of how the thing with us started.

    The first time we played together i was suspended in a bondage box and he squirted water at me.

    Later, he was in bed and i was sleeping (well not really too turned on still) in the next room (as we were just play partners then and not in a relationship) , and crept through and squirted him all over with the water at about 2am. He was really mad! He grabbed me out of my bed and dragged me through to his and put the electric chastity belt on me (a picture of its somewhere in my blogs) after putting a remote control egg in as well. I was so frustrated! So turned on and yet not able to do anything.

    So funnily enough as his comments above show…he quite fancies the idea of chastity as a punishment/control . I have such mixed feelings about chastity though…when i ever i wear the electric belt I am pretty turned on as specially if i’m doing things with him at the same time…but then…i think long term it would drive me mad!

  5. Drive you mad… mad as your bad behaviour drives me? sounds like a fair exchange.

  6. I love Him using the crop, hand, or wooden spoon on me for pleasure, but when it is for punishment His whole demeanour changes, His words are awful, His stance is strong and arrogant, His hand, His crop, His spoon is harder and it damn well HURTS.

    For me physical pain can be ultimate pleasure, but it is also the most horrid punishment. I think its all to do with the midset of me and the way it is delivered by Him.


  7. I agree to am extent rosie, but then, even when he’s looking and being mean…i still get off on it. I sort of can hate it and love it at the same time .

    Oh maybe i’m just a pervert! 🙂

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