Another milestone

So this evening this girl finally met his parents, after being really very nervous all day.It was fine.

Its an important milestone though because being introduced to your partner’s parents is another way of them showing you they want to show you off and that they believe the relationship will last.

Ok possibly some BDSM/D/s relationships never get as far as that. For whatever reason it either ends before getting to that point or its kept seperate – for example this girl knows a very happy D/s couple who have been together ages and never met families or mixed that side of their lives into it and seem totally comfortable and happy with not doing so.

This girl has learnt for her personally that she needs her Dom to be her lover and boyfriend as well, and so meeting friends and family and getting on with them is important. Sometimes of course the roles of slave and girlfriend cross over, sometimes the fact she is his slave influences how she behaves as his girlfriend and of course being his partner also can sometimes influence the D/s . This girl tries really hard not to get confused!

For example :

As his girlfriend she wanted to look presentable for meeting them and pretty. As his slave she had to obey his order that she should wear a skirt and chose to please him also by wearing vintage lingerie and stockings underneath.

As his girlfriend she wanted to be polite and not use bad language. As his slave she’ll get punished for swearing (though it was just once and not too badly)….

As his girlfriend she got frustrated driving behind his Dad’s (very slow) car. As his slave he helped her relax on the way to dinner by giving her one or two orgasms…

As his girlfriend she wanted them to like her and be happy with his choice. As his slave she wanted her Master to be proud of her and pleased with her behaviour….

This girl shares both her kinks and her life with her Dom so its important that he’s happy all round. She’s not 24/7 as such in the way some people are, but her slavery does impact a lot on how she behaves around him (its not something she turns on or off for play and is present in her mind a lot) so it is questionable whether it is a permanent state or not – jury’s still out. This girl thinks this will be a question she is better placed to answer when she lives with him – although it doesnt really matter though as long as it works.

It is important that their families accept their choice of partner and are happy for them and in BDSM..well…its nice sometimes for fetishists/Bdsmers to be happy for them too, and maybe even slightly envious sometimes. It can feel nice to have the admiration of your peers – it isnt by any means essential but it can feel good. This girl and her Master’s forms of D/s and S&M and how they blend it into life may not work for everyone but it really does feel good and has the feeling it will last.

2 thoughts on “Another milestone

  1. I’d have to say that I need to also to be the b/f. I like and enjoy being Mine’s b/f, and lover and Dom. Just something very awesome about that and freeing. So I can understand and do know how important it is to meet the other’s parents. Even though in my experience she didn’t like me. Lol. But, that isn’t really a bad thing. Think if she had liked me would have been scary.

    Cool that you met the folks!

  2. Thanks Aaron πŸ™‚ I think the main thing is that *he* likes me, though its a bonus that its not going to create issues. My ex’s family didnt like me too much but i dont like them now either lol.

    I’m not too bad at being relatively ‘normal’ outwardly i guess so that helps though I”m much better at being perverted πŸ˜‰


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