If Doms had contracts…

There’s tonnes of places on the internet where you can find examples of sub/slave contracts though there are no dom or Master contracts because probably for the most part the submissive is thought of as the property or commodity and a lot of people in the ‘scene’ would think this idea completely ‘out there’. But its not really.


Slave contracts tend to be relatively one sided – this is the post this girl wrote about the one she wrote for her ex, which demonstrates this point. Contracts tend to be about what control the submissive gives the dominant – and, for most people that want a contract this works. Though power exchange is simply that – exchange – it has to be two way and mutual. Yes its about the Dominant’s needs getting met…but in return for him meeting the needs of his submissive.

Legally, a contract is about that – i’ll offer you x in exhange for y and to be honest a Dominant should be just as committed and bound into the exhange and agreement as his sub is.

In addition to this,lets not forget that quite often there are more available male Doms (ok not necessarily good ones) than there are female submissives so why shouldnt we look for the best deal πŸ˜‰ Why give everything of yourself to someone who isnt worthy? This girl readily gave a written agreement of what she was prepared to do to her ex without knowing him first properly and that was just wrong. He didnt give anything in return, there was no exchange and so ultimately it failed. So, in some ways when she met her current Master she was looking for someone who could meet her job description that she could then reward with submission, obedience and most of all love.

So if a dom had a contract, if he had to sign to agree his responsibilities and commitments what would it say?

I agree to be your dominant.

I agree to look after you and to not abuse the control you have given me and the trust you have put in me.

I want to help develop and nuture your submission and help you understand this side of yourself.

I want to control you without taking over your life or ruining the parts of you that make you the woman I love.

I will never make you feel worthless or put you down. Though i cant promise not to say ‘your bum looks big in that’ because I will always be honest with you.

I will always be imaginative and inventive and most of all devious.

I will torture your body and push it to your limits but not overstep your boundaries.

I will keep the play interesting and not let it get boring or stale.

I will *never* wear a leather waistcoat, a flogger on my belt or parade around topless in fetish clubs but do my best to make *us* look and feel good.

I will show off my property and be proud always that you belong to me.

I will use you for my pleasure but make sure you get pleasure back (unless you’ve been really bad!)

I will loving control your body, your orgasms and your mind.

I will love you when you are bad just as much as when you’re obedient.

In return i want :-

Your submission

Your obedience

Your love

I want to share my fantasies with you and most of all to have fun and be happy together.

So….would he sign it?

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