This girl is her Master’s property but not in the way you might think normally typical to BDSM and D/s.

She doesnt need her D/s to be explicit all the time. She doesnt need her Dom to give her commands or rules or instructions for micro-managing her life. She would rebel against that if it were to happen, and it wont. She has never needed someone to tell her what to do.

This girl doesnt need to wake up in the morning and follow routines or protocals to feel like she is a worthy submissive. Ok, sometimes he might like a coffee straight away when asking for one but thats just one small thing lol.

This girl wouldnt want the pressure of making him feel like he has to control everything she does. Yes she wants power exchange and she has that but it means more because of him just using his dominance over her when he wants, needs and desires to and *not* all the time.

That doesnt mean that this girl and her Dom are playing at this or just using D/s as a game. Thats not the case at all. In fact they are more realistic when they do engage their fantasy because they arent trying to pretend that this is the be all and end all, because its not. Its always in the background as it should be. Ready. Waiting. But not taking over.

The collar is on the whole time though. This weekend this girl and her Master went to visit her parents for a few days and she was concerned that they would notice it or comment on it, or it would make her feel uncomfortable being in that ultra-vanilla setting. But they didnt notice, and this girl didnt think twice about it. The collar is getting to feel very natural and this girl doesnt really notice it being there unless she wants to put a hand to it to remind herself or when she looks in the mirror and really that symbolises how his dominance and her submission is there when it needs to be, when she needs to feel his.

This weekend was probably one of the most vanilla weekends this girl has had with her Dom. She had thought maybe that would frustrate her and be irrititating but it wasnt. It was really very nice. Ok so no S/m play, not very much sex but it was good. Sometimes when you are close to a person its good to just spend time with them, get to know them better, learn things about each other – because really thats probably why a lot of BDSM and D/s relationships have a short shelf life because people just dont bother making the effort getting to know the person and eventually the S/m side of it becomes limited and repetitive and runs out of steam. You need more than just the S/m and D/s – that is, if you expect it to be more than just a bit of short lived fun. Its the same principle as wanting a relationship as opposed to a one night stand.

Ok, so this girl fell for her Dom because he is dominant, sadistic,creative and sexy and all the other things that go with those elements of him. Thats why she fell for him, but not the only reasons why she’s still with him now. She’s got to know him better, and fall properly in love with him and she wants what makes him happy as her man not just as her Master.

Also, from both a ‘normal’ point of view and a D/s one sometimes its good to see your partner/Dom relaxed and having fun and them being happy without them having to steer things. We all need a break sometimes and it doesnt really matter whether this girl is dressing up pretty for him or doing things with him that he enjoys that are vanilla because she is his sub or because she is his girlfriend because the end result is the same. He’s happy.

Ok sometimes she is confused whether she is doing things out of submission or out of love but the two are so connected together its got to the point it just doesnt really matter anymore as long as it feels good and keeps progressing like this for both her and her Master. In a way its the best of both worlds her having this man who can make her feel special and beautiful and loved on the one hand but at the same time when the mood takes him also make her feel tortured, used and turned on. So maybe this type of 24/7 isnt as in your face as some peoples but so what it works. They both do what it takes for the other to feel fulfilled and happy.

3 thoughts on “His…24/7

  1. Hey!

    Thought I would say hi..but I did want to comment on this post. I think it’s awesome and I think that it’s hard for a lot once they hear the whole “slave” term to get scared. I know that I feel pressure as well and do think that there is one. Although, never have I met someone that was like a slave but yet didn’t I guess have everything micro-managed as you said. Kinda like you’r way of doing if I can say.

  2. Hi Aaron and thanks 🙂

    My slavery is based upon a shared fantasy which is very realistic when its indulged in. Its constant and *there* in a lot of ways all the time, just not explicity. Gosh we are explicit enough when we do it that we dont need to be in your face about it the whole time LOL. I like it this way. I think its more special and more realistic because we dont centre our lives around it too much.

  3. Hey,

    And yep I’d agree that it’s probably for the better. Since alot of the times the BDSM and what not can try and take over the relationship. Think what kinda happened with my past relationship a bit.

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