7 thoughts on “anaesthesia mask

  1. i very much like this anaesthetic mask look, I imagine to that there is an inflatable gag involved too. It is a very nice combination and very comfortable looking.



  2. thanks 🙂

    no the pump is to suck it close to the face, so that the only air that can get in is through the breathing tube. Or not if he chooses 😉


  3. oh I see, what a lovely detail to go to, how considerate.

    I recently bought a similar mask with a seperate inflatable phallic gag with pump, a length of corrugated rubber tubing with rebreather bag and a head harness also in rubber.

    I have adapted what I have, and by fixing the gag inside the mask, the thinking is that by having my mouth full of rubber, it leaves me no choice but to inhale through my nose, thus limiting my options whilst maximising the pleasure for both myself and observers.

    However I am finding that when the gag is inflated the mask is pushed away from my face, as the head harness is made of rubber and is flexible.

    so, it is helpful of you to tell me that that is what the pump is for on your head harness. It looks as though your harness is leather, am I right?

    I do appreciate your having written back

    Many best wishes


  4. Hi Emeraald,

    As I made the mask “this girl” has asked me to reply. The harness is leather so has no give in it and holds the mask firmly to the face. The pump acts on the rim of the built in anaesthesia mask inflating it to take up any slack and give a good seal round the mouth and nose. Hope this helps

    Cheers Grimly

  5. yes it does, thank you. It is a well thought through item


  6. hope we can see more anesthesia mask pics with her blowing up the breathing bags

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