No going back – no velcro

When this girl left her Master’s house at the weekend she had almost not wanted to put her eternity collar back on.

It was maybe part of subbie drop. The eternity collar has become associated as being the collar she wears when she’s away from her Master and so maybe thats subsconciously why she didnt want to put it back on as it was a reminder that the play and the fun was over and it was back to reality. That, and also now each time it is removed she feels odd and lost without it for a bit until he puts something else on her and its bit freaky. Its like this girl is getting more addicted to her collar. More brainwashed. Its like its a part of her body and sometimes that is a bit scary as it makes it very weird any time when she’s without a collar now. Its sort of like being without her clit. Well sort of. But not totally. lol Though sort of it is because she cant usually orgasm unless she’s feels like *his* at the time anyway!

Sometimes it feels like it puts a lot of responsibility on her too. Its always there, constantly, and a constant reminder of the commitment she has made to her Master and sometimes that feels like lot of pressure. So far since being collared this girl has been a lot better behaved than prior to it as it helps remind her of the power exchange all the time, but she knows deep down that she could be better still and sometimes she wonders whether she can meet the expectations her Master has of his collared slave girl. She is really scared of letting him down.

It felt bad too after she said she didnt think she wanted the collar back because it hurt him. It is very symbolic of the relationship and means a great deal and just temporariily she was scared of that with no real reason to be. It felt good though for him to snap her out of it and put it back on her neck. She never really wants to be without it because she never really wants to not be his slave.

She jokes sometimes that she’d like her freedom but then really whats freedom compared to being enslaved if being enslaved gives you everything you want.

She doesnt want this collar to be a velcro one. When she had it put on her neck it was to mean something lasting, and she only wants it to not be there when he chooses something else for her because really its an extension of both her submission and his dominance over her and not only that but of love as well.

Plus, velcro collars are horrible. The only velcro collar her Master owns is this one which is a medical posture collar (and not very comfortable!)

medical collar

so if its a choice between an uncomfortable and unsightly velcro collar like that and having her nice pretty one all the time this girl knows what she would pick.

Sorry for doubting it Master.

2 thoughts on “No going back – no velcro

  1. Its like this girl is getting more addicted to her collar. More brainwashed. Its like its a part of her body and sometimes that is a bit scary as it makes it very weird any time when she’s without a collar now.


    Does the idea of being brainwashed inhibit or excite?

  2. Excite!

    ‘Brainwashing’ really i think in the context i use it is a slight twist on its everday meaning. Its a word i suppose i use for his varied methods of indoctrinating submission into my mind and making me more comfortable with it because I wasnt always as comfortable with it as i am now. I always was submissive, just not as deeply and not as relaxed.

    Its part of my training/development.

    Any little thing that he does that plants ideas and fantasies subsconciously into my head and things that he does that make me feel more like his slave are all part of the brainwashing programme. Ok so it wont wash me brain totally it will still leave me in my own mind, just its putting more submissive thoughts there too and not any that i dont want, so its not totally evil. I think i called it brainwashing to begin with because I thought what he was doing to me was kind of crafty, taming the brat into this dutiful little subbie…but really its not so bad. Its things like the collar, and like the way he controls me that are part of that all the little things that add to an effective power exchange.

    I’ve just been given a better understanding of what I want.

    SHould be thankful I guess!

    Though…i have experienced physical brainwashing too…thats for a post later of its own .lol.

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