Hooked on him

Picture – home made vaginal hook

As well as trying the new pony at the weekend and the tower, this girl also had another go of the hook and she is rather hooked on it!


The hook is a home-made version, a piece of aluminium from B&Q melted and bended into shape over the hob of the cooker. Its maybe best not to try this at home unless you make absolutely sure you get the angle right lol.

The hook was initally supposed to be for anal play, but so far it has been more interesting elsewhere 😉 and it was combined at the weekend with the leather muzzle that he also made and new figure-of-eight leather restraints and the medical bed.

There is something about the hook that is rather appealing. Possibly the intrusion of the cold metal and just the sort of idea of it. This girl hasnt tried it yet in any sort of suspension (and certainly would *NOT* risk putting her whole weight on it as she feels more than happy with it just being pulled up by her hair and theres some things that probably arent a good idea to try. Being impaled is one of those.

She is rather hooked though on her Master and the toys that he comes up with. It was really one of the attractions that led her to him. That wow factor is still there whenever this girl is reminded of his capabilities via his creations. This girl thinks sometimes her Master worries what will happen if he runs out of ideas but then really she cannot see that happening. There’s always ideas to think up or to modify from elsewhere, and she’s not exactly un-imaginative herself! Also, if it did happen, that would mean that there would be plenty of things to already play with so it wouldnt be exactly boring anyway. This girl is sure he’ll always have plenty of toys and equipment and ideas to entertain her.

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