Tower of pain

Picture – tower of pain – nipple torture

In addition to the electric pony, this girl’s Master has also recently made a new tower of pain. She hates it!

Tower of pain

Ok so tecnically, it does the job it says on the tin. It hurts. A lot. It has straps attached as well so you cant risk it slipping out of position and given the nature of clover clamps it feels very sore.

Perhaps its partly due to personal reasons that this girl doesnt like it. Nipple play has never been a ‘love’ of hers. Its not really a pleasure pain. Its just pure pain! Ok so sometimes that is necessary, but not really out of choice!

Part of the problem was due to the piercings she used to have, her nipples have never really been the same since that went wrong, and just subconsciously its still a fear that something else might go wrong with them during heavy play so this girl normally needs to be pretty spacy to feel comfortable with heavy play in that area.

Her Master is understanding of that and so is cautious of it. In a way this girl feels sometimes she’s worried about it stupidly because of all the things she does you would ‘expect’ that nipple clamps would be no biggy.

Normally they’re not too bad. Its just when they’re being pulled and stretched by an evil man that she wants to scream quite a lot!

Sometimes maybe its a good thing that he can show her he can hurt her and make her beg for mercy 🙂

Though really this girl will be quite happy if the bloody tower stays on its hook on the wall forever!

4 thoughts on “Tower of pain

  1. Well the way I see it you win some you loose some. Maybe it will stay on its hook for a while, but as you well know, it wont be forever!

  2. Interesting! This Girl has “concerns” about play with her nipples. Hmmm. Grimley knows this. So why not devise a way to focus on pain in her nipples! Evil, but genius. Grimley is the Master!! This Girl is lucky!!

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