Wooden pony riding (with a difference)

Pictures – wooden pony & electric wooden pony

A couple of girls whose blogs this girl reads have written about wooden ponies recently, libby and lc and this weekend this girl’s experiences of the pony increased a little as well…..

This girl had first tried a pony quite a while ago and it is an interesting sensation. The original one her Master obtained is this one

Wooden pony

This is really a sadistically crafted and varnished piece of wood with rings in it used for suspension. When the winch goes up it rises and gives you the choice of applying pressure to your cunt with the wood pressing into it or to your ankles by standing on your tiptoes. Or a bit of both. That particular time this girl’s Master put her in ballet boots as well which made it even more evil as she cant stand in those very well at the best of times!

Anyway, it is a very effective method for pussy torture lol.

But this is the electric pony :-

Electric pony torture

Its the same kind of idea but it has been modified to be electric as well so when it presses against the labia and the clit electric pulses run where the silver tape is which are controlled and powered by an electric box and for this girl that makes it a LOT more interesting.

Ok so she happens to be rather a lot taken with most electro-play. Its one of these things thats not for everyone but at least worth trying once if you get the chance. Imagine a very strong vibrator crossed with pins and needles – its a bit like that. Very stimulating and a sort of mix between pleasure and pain. For this girl though it got a lot more pleasurable when he combined with a very strong vibrator :-

Electric pony shock

Its odd really -when something is really painful sometimes adding a big dose of pleasure can make it more bearable, make you endure it longer and when mixed in with the pain can make you orgasm a lot more. Which is DEFINATELY a good thing!

The whole pleasure-pain thing works with this .

So that was probably this girl’s favourite of his new toys. For obvious reasons 😉

32 thoughts on “Wooden pony riding (with a difference)

  1. it is one of my favorite things too…i nver thought i would enjoy the pony, like i did that first time. Let’s see if i still do the next time… 😉


  2. i’ve always liked most types of torture in that ‘area’ to a certain extent .I think its a good thing that there are some bonuses to being a girl!


  3. I have an E-stim ‘Abox’ and so want to make one of these for my girlfriend, it looks delightful. did your Master make this and if so can he assist me with my quest with some instructions? Many thanks T

  4. written with permission of NG1.
    this is one of the toys Owners made themselves.
    Owners use slaves labia rings with little bits of chain to make sure she stays on tip-toe althrought not electro Owners have tens machine does the job just as well
    slavegail Owned property

  5. the wooden pony has got to be one of the best ways to punish a slave girl as you can hang her by her arms make her stand on tip toes until she tires and relaxes onto the beam, wonderful any one interested in the UK

  6. I have some ideas to improve the electric pony.
    Apply one side of the electricity sourse to the sub’s torso somewhere…nipple clamps sound interesting.

    Apply the other side to the beam.

    Fix a pulley in the ceiling and tie the sub’s hands to a rope that goes over the pulley and down to one end of the beam.

    The sub can then avoid electrocution by standing on tip toes, spreading her legs, and stretching upwards with her hands. However if she gets tired, her hands will come down and the beam will go up and electrocute her cunt.

    I have a couple of other thoughts for later.

    I am a little worried about the safety aspect of the electricity source. Are you interested in the thoughts of an electrical engineer on the subject??


  7. Paul,I hope this doesn’t come across as rude,

    but, my hands ARE tied to a suspension bar, my Dom MADE the electric pony himself and he IS an electrical engineer. He has about 20 years experience doing this and I have about seven. The electrical box being used is an ET312 the best unit on the market.

    What we do is perfectly safe.

    Grandmother and sucking eggs comes to mind.

    No offence.

  8. None taken. I’m glad you don’t take risks. I came across a case where someone built a Heath Robinson power supply, and expected me to take part in what could have turned out to be quite dangerous. It was in the U/K, and the 220 volt power can be nasty.

    In the photo you have your hands tied behind your bum. What I had in mind would have your hands and arms straight up abpve your head.


  9. I just looked up the ET312…looks real good. What I like is that it uses batteries…no high voltages.


  10. Quite right…are you attached to a pulley? Or just to the ceiling?

    I have been casting my mind around for a good equivalent to the wooden horse for males. I would love to have a nice Domme help a Dom to put me on something like that.


  11. Paul, a Domme AND a Dom… a little greedy don’t you think? LOL!

    As for an equivalent for men… I’ve seen a horse used quite effectively on a male subject too, although I can think of one of two modifications if I was designing one just for use on males.

  12. Goodness no! I wouldn’t want to accidentally cut off anything that I could further torture later! I like to keep my vic..subjects more or less in one piece – more bits to play with that way! (And latex although wipe clean, washing blood off the walls and floor is just no fun at all).

  13. oops, English failure there…

    I meant…

    And although latex is wipe clean, washing blood off the walls and floor is just no fun at all.

  14. VelvetClaw…let’s hear about your modifications…I’m all agog!!!

  15. Velvet Claw..
    I have a description of something that may make your pubes stand on end, but i don’t want to publish it in the open…some idiot may try it and get hurt.

    If you contact me at Sexyads.com, peterrabbit6996 I will email it to you for your consideration.


  16. Combine it with the Tower of Pain perhaps …. pain up top and pleasure down below…..

  17. And slowly turn up the volume below and the screw till….how long can you hold your safe word?

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