Proud to be his girl – so there!

Anyone who’s read this girl’s blog from a few days ago will understand that this girl experienced some narrowminded attitudes from her supervisor at work the other day. Well…she got her retort in today – and it felt so good!

The main culprit of the bitchiness the other day was this girl’s supervisor and today she was talking to another girl, who has in the past had older boyfriends as well, and was saying to her ‘well are you going to take your new boyfriend to meet your parents , seen as he’s not an old codger that you’re ashamed of this time’ or words to that affect, and generally another bit of a piss take that the girl in question has seen older guys.


This girl stood up this time. Actually physically stood up and said ‘well there is nothing wrong with having an older man, mine is 48 and he *has* met my parents and they think he’s great. They are just pleased that i’m with someone who treats me right and makes me happy unlike my ex who, although only 30, is a total arse! and i’m happy so whats wrong with it?’

So the reaction of the person that was aimed at was that of someone rather a little taken aback, and they said ‘listen to her gloating about having an older man’ . hehehe


This girl is gloating about being his. She is really fucking smug about it and that felt good to get that comment in at the bitch, and the way this girl was not aggressive or anything, but just saying well you know you cant knock it unless you know.

Doing that gave this girl a good confidence lift it just felt good to stand up for him, and ok so she doesnt have to justify her choice of man to anyone, but it was still pretty good.

But yeah, this girl is pretty smug and happy that she is with her older guy.

Most of the time she doesnt really deep down see him that way. Mentally he’s the same, he’s into the same things and he’s just a great person to be around.

This girl is really so thankful that she found him.

This girl’s Master is the only one ever (aside from her parents) that has made her feel good about being who she is and the only one that she knows of in existence that could fill her perverted twisted fantasies.

Yes. A lucky girl šŸ™‚

next post – something bdsm related -promise!

2 thoughts on “Proud to be his girl – so there!

  1. Oh, I, for one totally agree with what you have written. Age is only a number and as long as your Master is making you happy, then don’t worry about what other’s may say. I really enjoy reading your blogs and I’ve added you to my blogroll. If you prefer I not do this, then please let me know. I was a slave in my past life. Thank you for sharing your BDSM life.

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