Apparently Abnormal

Sometimes conversations in this girl’s workplace really wind her up. The narrowmindness particularly, especially when it comes to sexuality, relationships, or well, in fact anything that exists aside from hair, makeup, bigbrother, whats on tv and who got the most pissed at the weekend.

Today the subject was women who are in relationships with older guys. Some of the comments were so evil, and there were people making them who knew this girl was sat there, who know that her boyfriend (or her Dom as far as you know him) is signficantly older.

Some of the comments in a way were quite hurtful. ‘I couldnt be with anyone old enough to be my dad’, ‘its not natural’ ‘its’ abormal’ ‘how will the children feel when they’re ‘x’ years old’ etc and so on and so forth. This girl doesnt think the comments were really directed at her, she doesnt think they even took her into consideration really but it still kinda hurt a bit.

Sometimes this girl feels like a total outsider. She always has in a lot of ways. At school, at work, on nights out, never really felt like she fitted in that well. However, on reflection whats so good about fitting in? Nothing.

She felt guilty today though, because hearing it sometimes raises her doubts. This girl worries about the future of the 21yr gap. Though really, she would not sacrifice her happiness that she has now found with him for anything and certainly not for acceptance amongst people with nothing better to do than try and put others down. Some people also commented that they couldnt be with anyone that was too ugly, and that if they had been with ugly people it was because they were feeling low themselves and wanted to feel loved. Why on earth be with someone your own age thats drop dead gorgeous if they make you feel like pants anyway. Stupid! This girl may have found her dom when she was feelign unsatisfied from other things but its not why she fell for him in the end.

This girl would be rather with someone not totally socially perfect or ‘normal’ that makes her happy than with someone who fits in with everyone else but not with her.

Her dom fits in with her. His body fits hers when they’re cuddling, his cock definately fits ;), his collars and bondage devices fit and his personality complements hers. Thats really all that matters.

To hell with the rest of them. This girl restrained herself from a rant at them today, but if it happens again fuck it! lol. They will hear, instead of it just being you! This girl wont put up with someone making her feel bad for being with someone so special that she deserves.The scary thing, they would have liked how her ex portrayed himself outwardly. Thats the worrying thing.

One thought on “Apparently Abnormal

  1. a reply to this concept from this girl’s mum : (she hasnt seen the blog of course but spoke about the age issue)

    Does age matter? A lady in the news died at age of 33 leaving husband and 3 children. If she could have known what was going to happen to her would she still have got married and have the kids, we dont know, she would have thought she would have lived to be an old lady. we dont know if she was happy with the choices she made, say her husband was 50 he hs survived her , so does age matter -NO.

    Other peoples opinions are theirs and we do not have the same we have a mind of our own. Their words are just words. They will be forgotten. Think for yourself and be yourself.

    — Mum – little do you know – 😉 lol

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