How much longer…

This girl wrote the other day about making the transition from on-line to meeting someone in the flesh.

However, a much more challenging transition is making the move from long distance relationship with odd weekends of togetherness and play to fully living together.

A long distance relationship never gets any easier so if it works you need to make the choice, make the move or move on. Maybe for some people being in a long distance relationship forever can work but not for this girl. Lately, its sometimes like theres a void when he’s not there, like he should be but isnt. Ok there’s the phone but its not the same.

When something is good and keeps getting better then you just want more. Everything, and if it could be tomorrow that would help! At the moment the imbetweeny times feel like a limbo where very little happens aside from the monotony of work and sleeping alone and its depressing. This girl doesnt want to wait any longer to find out what happens next, its like the step is ready in theory to be made just not in practice. So frustrating.

Sorry this blog is mopey. Maybe its in part reading what he wrote for her today has reminded this girl how special her Dom is and a reminder of the reasons why she fell for him and why it all works so well. Just why the fuck does he live so faraway! This girl has never felt this comfortable about her submission, and well about herself really and she just really needs to be with the person who has been responsible for making her feel that way….

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