The look of the thing…

In Bdsm, or at least when it comes to activities and events in public, appearances can be quite important. Its very easy to say ‘i dont care what other people think’ but really deep down it is human nature to want approval from your peers or at the very minimum be curious about what they think about you. Of course there are only 2 opinions that really do matter….

This girl doesnt go to many fetish events though so its not an issue that crops up too often, but sometimes it does because how she behaves and how she looks reflect on how people see her Master as well as how they see her.

In the past she’s sometimes acted up and that had obtained her the reputation of being ‘ a brat’. and once you have a reputation like that its hard to shake off. In a way though the collaring was a way of marking an end to that, a sort of public declaration of the D/s element of the relationship and a serious commitment.

So this weekend this girl needed to show that he could show her off instead of her showing him up!

The munch on Saturday was good and this girl and her Dom met new people and some old friends too and it passed without any type of incident, after all – it was just a munch the real test was at BBB the next day…

This girl’s Master wanted her to leave the hotel fully dressed – she was wearing her pinstripe corset, matching skirt and jacket and heels and with the control belt underneath and he wanted her to put on a more ‘obvious’ collar on as well instead of the eternity one. This girl didnt feel it in a way right to put on the showy off collar to begin with as they were planning on dropping by a friend’s house on the way and she didnt want to pull up looking like a total pervert, though in a way really this was being stupid as they were perverts as well and she was wearing the rest of the outfit already. It was a silly hissy fit really and upset her when her Master threatened not to let her wear the collar at all that day then. This girl *is* proud to wear any of her Master’s collars so she’s not sure why she felt this way and when she got to her friends it turned out they didnt have a problem with it either, so a fuss over nothing…

Maybe subconsciously it was because they are a couple that she’s known for a long time and from before her submission developed to where it is now that she didnt feel totally comfortable with the thought of it..but then with hindsight it was good to show her friends that where she is now she is happy and proud of who she is with…

At BBB this girl managed to be good all day and felt like she had done enough to make her Master proud of her. At the BBB there was a demo on electro-play which is something this girl and her Master do quite a lot! The couple doing the demo reminded this girl in a way of her and her Master – to look at the two of them as a couple if you saw them in the street you would maybe think not an obvious match – pretty girl, older guy. Though watching them do the demo it was clear to see that both of them had exactly what they wanted – she had the dom who could give her the play she wanted, and he had someone beautiful and torturable to explore his reppertoire on and that kind of thing isnt rocket science. This girl and her Masters relationship is just the same – she gets what she needs and so does he and the happiness that gives them both shows…a lot.

This girl has always come across people who are jealous of his playroom…of his kit…of his ideas…and whilst she doesnt want people really to be jealous of him having her…there’s nothing wrong with being admired for being good at what you do. She wants people to know why is with her and to demonstrate that she deserves him.

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