Chastity. This girl has written about it before. Why is it so annoying and yet a turn on?

It is always one of these weird things why on earth do people get turned on by being denied something? Human nature? To want what you can’t have?

Last night this girl’s Master put her in the chastity belt (minus the electro-device thankfully!) and told her that she would be wearing it all night and that if she did not please him then she would be wearing it all the next day too. It is difficult to describe how frustrating it is to be sexually pleasing and erotic with your partner whilst you can’t receive everything you might desire back, though if you have experienced this you will know. More frustrating for this girl though is knowing that the task in itself is impossible that nothing she can do will make him orgasm and break his own self control! Bastard!

The only way forward therefore is to put in effort to try and see if he will either orgasm or give in and take the belt off this girl and fuck her if she seduces and arouses him enough but then really the game would be over if that were to happen and sometimes he might be merciful in rewarding effort and not just rewarding accomplishment.

This girl doesnt think she would like to have a Dom that *always* set impossible tasks or gave her stringent rules to live by that she would mess up. She thinks sometimes though the sadist in him likes to see her frustration and torment in trying to achieve something that is difficult, but then, her sadist turns her on so this girl can survive that 🙂 Is she lucky or unlucky though that he can still make her orgasm without touching her?

Control someone sexually and you can control them in most ways.

This girl sometimes used to wonder about male submisisves. How they (generalisation but that fits many) seem to have this need for the end result to be relief and how this sometimes appears to be a need in their play. But then really is female submission any different? Is this girl’s submission any different? Not really.

If you have someone who turns you on as much as that, if the play is effective and the control is effective then you need to explode some way or other eventually. You cant maintain that level of arousal without breaking sooner or later but the problem is he has the detonator 😉

Until someone controls your sexual needs as much as this you dont believe why someone else under control would do anything to please their Dominant just for the sake to see whether or not they will be rewarded by their Dominants happiness and mercy. But really sexual needs and submissive (or dominant) needs are intertwined.

Its not all about sex of course, or orgams or physical stimulation they just happen to be some of the fun parts which demonstrate the physical element of the power exchange though the mental and emotional elements are just as strong if not stronger.

5 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. first of all, i must say, i’ve always found it a huge turn on for a girl to speak in the third person. I wonder if that choice to do so is having any affect on this girl’s feelings of submission. I’m sure it has, but i’d love to hear more on that.
    secondly, i adore chastity belts and the whole idea of hidden, concealed bondage. In my experience, yes, it is locking the girl away from herself, but it is also locking me away from her. There is a difference between having free, unfettered access to her, and having to pull out keys, turn locks and remove hardware (that thought alone is very erotic).

    What a wonderful site you have! I’m so happy i stumbled upon it.

  2. Hi and thanks for your comments 🙂

    Writing this way is just part of the way i express my submission to my Dom and for us both to be able to reflect to see how things have changed and progressed.

    For a long time it was easier writing things than it was to say them as i had trouble and difficulty in admitting somethings to him in person or even to myself. To take a step back from something can often make it clearer to see or to explain to another.

    I sometimes wonder whether the act of blogging is in its self part of submission and perhaps it is for me of course there are a great many dominant writers and it is always interesting reading about the experiences from the other perspective as well. For me perhaps it is a submissive act for him as its giving him feedback or ideas or information about what i’m thinking about my headspace and experiences and i am writing it in a style that he likes.

    We’ve found the chastity a very erotic experience for both of us and he has mentioned getting me a proper belt later in the year (eep!) and it does test his own self control as well in that if he says that he will not release me until a certain time then he wont give into that, so it is really another way of symbolising the power exchange i think and showing who was in control.

    Thanks again for your comments.

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  4. It is amazing what some time not being able to get off will do to your frustration level! I know after a little more than a week, I would have said, or done, almost anything to get out and get off. My wife was actually a bit afraid I was going to attack her! For me, it was mostly about that control. Here’s one of the most basic of all human functions, and I no longer had control over it. Its a bit hard to describe what that does to you mentally but it certainly reinforces your dependence on someone else. Oddly enough, it makes so that simple clicking of a lock becomes erotic in and of itself!

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