Remote Control

This girl’s Master has always joked that eventually he would like to be able to have a ‘remote controlled subbie’ but this girl has noted there is as difference between being controlled by a remote control that can do something to you immediately and being controlled when you dom is in a bloody remote area and not near you!

estim remote

This girl’s Master has several remote devices for controlling this girl’s behaviour both at home and away from home .Mainly the control belt (which is a chastity belt style device with a built in electric shock device above the clit), the e-stim remote (which can work with most electro play plugs and things) and then various remote vibrators and plugs. Now, it is relatively easy when this girl is wired up to such devices to be obedient. It is always easier to be obedient if the penalty for not being so is immediate pain. What a suprise!

There is something particularly erotic about the control electro-play gives whether it be from a remote unit or a plugged in one. Its really the feeling that for no more effort on his part then the press of a button he can control the amount of pain or pleasure this girl receives and whether it is one or the other or both together. Its the look on his face too when he’s getting to decide that. Sadism or love this girl isnt sure! Weird how it sometimes looks as though it can be both this girl supposes though that it is a given when you are hurting someone you care about but giving them exactly what you both desire at the same time. Of course it helps too that this girl likes the sensation of how it feels to her as well.

Remote control long distance is not so easy. Its easy for this girl to obey her Dom when he is with her but when he’s not its sometimes harder for her to remember her role. Ok so its not so important in her and her Dom’s relationship per say, as generally speaking their BDSM happens just in person when they are together but sometimes this girl thinks gets confused.

Sometimes she wants to feel more controlled, she wants to feel like she is pleasing him more of the time, by doing things that would be please him and so on and so forth and wants to feel like he has more input into what she is doing but then she thinks that is just because she just wants to feel as close to him as possible when it cannot be in the flesh.

However at other times she doesnt want the control . Sometimes she rebels against it sometime she just wants to do what she wants when she wants.

Really this girl thinks the solution is to try and keep what makes him happy at the back of her mind when she is thinking about how to approach things and if she does that she doenst need him to ‘actively’ control her because he’ll be happy with how she is behaving anyway, but then, sometimes a little coercion is fun 🙂 This girl never wants it to be 24/7 or anything but she just wants to do whats right by him is that slavery, or submission, or is that just love and not really anything kinkier than that?

7 thoughts on “Remote Control

  1. Great blog hope to see updates more often.

    I love the entry about the control belt and would love to see it , how it looks and more stories of it in action of course.

    Like all fans, show us more!

  2. Thanks Marc. I plan to take some pictures of the more unique kit in the future its just getting round to it its so easy to get distracted when tempting things are in front of me! 🙂 xx

  3. What a wonderful post…

    I love the concept of elctro-play…have never done it and yet the desire is there…

    good post.


  4. Thanks crow 🙂 It is one of my favourite kinks tho I think its one of these love or hate things with a lot of people. Its certainly worth trying provided you either do it with someone who is experienced or be really well read up. Luckily my dom used to be an electrician so can be confident i’m safe! hehehe

  5. Hi, I only recently discovered your blog, so regrettably I’m still responding to some of your older posts. Hopefully you’re still game to field questions and comments on the older stuff.

    With the remote electro toys like you’re describing, is the shock/stimulation enough to really compel you to do what grimly wants, or is it more of a nuisance/unpleasant sort of thing that’s tolerable but undesireable? Are these toys all close-range, radio-based remotes, or are there any that are wifi based, so that Grimly could activate it from another city via PC or cell phone, for instance?

    LOVE the blog,please keep sharing!

  6. thanks Ollie 🙂
    this particular toy has a range of about 100 feet i think.

    Electrics is something that can be used either for pleasure or pain , sometimes a mix of both. Sometimes i want it, sometimes i don’t. Generally in my experience the sort of shock that is delivered by the control belt we have which is a short sharp shock delivered just above the clit is normally unwanted, though of course for a masochist still erotic. Electrics tend to more pleasurable and very much desired when using electrodes for more prolonged use i.e. 30 mins to maybe an hour continually since your body adapts to the rhythym and strobe especially when interspersed with other things. Some ET312 programmes can be controlled by computer yes. At the moment we dont have anything compatible with mobiles will maybe get an iphone when they bring out an app for that 😉

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