Clip Clop – pony play

Picture – pony play home made hoof boots

This girl’s Master as well as making the tilting frame at the weekend also finished off her ‘hoof boots’ which she totally adores…this is not a brilliant picture but until she has the full outfit on this is all there is for just now…

Hoof boots

The boots were originally Pleaser platform knee boots which have then had the platform modified by being cut in half and then filled with fibreglass and wood so there is a hollow part that makes the noise 🙂 and then the heels have been cut off and they have been finished off with brown patent leather and also there are aluminium horse shoes underneath as well.

Yes they do look difficult to walk in but for this girl looking the part effectively is part of the exhibitionistic part of it and walking and trotting is possible provided its not for hours. Besides this girl has been practising the neighbours are going to think there is possibly a shetland pony in her kitchen!

This girl has also this year got a modified harness which is adapted from a leather corset and has straps to her collar and a crotch strap as well and a tail. Its not a butt plug tail though just one that fits into the harness. This girl and her Master think that if you are going to try a fetish you may as well make it as realistic as possible!

This girl is really getting into the pony role and it is something she is wanting to explore more. Really what she likes about it is it that it combines fantasy roleplay with sensory deprivation, bondage and exhibitionism. Its something where this girl feels she can show off and be good at it, and really she’s never had that often and sometimes its nice to see people around you being impressed and amazed with what you are doing.

This girl will soon be having just her second ‘proper’ experience but it should be fun and also as she has better equipment this year should be even easier to get into the right headspace.

This girl really wants to feel as though she is his loving pony girl with her sexy owner looking after her and having fun with her pulling him about in his cart. Its kind of hard to explain but she really wants to do it properly and impress people but most of all make her driver proud of her and happy and she really wants to show him that she can get into this role for him.

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